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Good morning and happy March!

The Coronavirus has taken hold of the world like nothing I have ever seen. Fear is running rampant and the results can be seen in the stock markets, on store shelves and our activities. Apparently, the fear of a toilet paper shortage has led to hording.

How much of the world’s reaction to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is worthy of the widespread panic is somewhat in question. I have read and listened to what multiple doctors are saying, and not one has expressed the alarm that would match the extreme extent of the prevailing fear. It is not that contracting this virus should be taken lightly, but statistically a small percentage will result in death. Statistics also reflect that the flu is far more fatal.

My intentions are not to lesson, add or even dispute the fears. I, like most everyone else is paying attention and am taking precautions suggested. Having a small gym, I have always been concerned with its cleanliness and healthiness. From the day I opened the up the Center, I have a routine of wiping down all equipment used immediately after each client finishes their session. I do not ask clients to clean the equipment because I feel it is better if take the responsibility of making sure it is done. Much like the maintaining clean and sanitized equipment, we also do safety checks weekly which insure safe operation of our equipment. Our TRX suspension system is maximized by being suspended down from the ceiling, but in-order to have this huge benefit, we had to seek out an engineer to devise a safe mechanism. Much like sanitizing our equipment, we have a weekly safety verification of our TRX suspension system. The engineer did a great job, as the apparatus has worked perfectly. Not only do we take these precautions for our clients, but we workout on our equipment as well.

This Coffee & Chat is not intended to focus on health and safety, but I do believe it is important to share the importance of it to us at NFLF. Health and fitness go hand and hand (not fist bump), and it is well established one of the best ways to combat contracting a virus is by having a strong immune system. While not every part of an immune system is controllable, being healthy and fit has much value. When we hit the flu season, it is often publicized that the older population are at greater risk. Generally, this population are weaker, and this leaves them more vulnerable.

I am super proud NFLF has effectively reached out to the older population about the importance of resistance training no matter their age. However, fitness and health matter at every age, and quite often it is one of the best defenses in fighting off sickness, or at least minimizing the affects. I will not guarantee working out alone will keep a person from getting sick, but I certainly believe it is a valuable tool for prevention and minimizing the affects. Obviously being diligent with diet, good sanitizing habits (wash your hands when often) and common sense will all help. If you do go to a gym to workout, do not take for granted coach Davis is there cleaning that kettlebell you swing!

Fitness as it relates to our health and wellness have become more heighten, yet unfortunately many of our population have not embraced it seriously. Somehow this has to change and health scares such as COVID-19 bare out being proactive with our fitness as it pertains to our health.

Disclaimer: My scope of practice is fitness and all else I may mention in my chat derive from public shared information. Always consult professionals when it comes to medical concerns or questions.

March is a great month to get moving!

God Bless and have a wonderful month!


Faith over Fear

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