Healthy and Good Running Requires More Than Running

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I am once again chatting from the No Finish Line Fitness – Fitness Center. If you are reading this from the Dover area, email me ( or take your chance and come on down. Free coffee & free personal training sessions today. Also, a great chance to come chat about your running over a great cup of coffee!

Running through the winter is a great way to combat winter blues and while it is more challenging, if approached intelligently, it is safe and even fun. NFLF has our “Winter Pacers,” that meets Wednesday evenings at 6pm and Saturday (except not tomorrow) mornings at 8:30. If you are in Portsmouth, Coastal meets up at Runners Alley on Saturday’s at 8am, so there are great options for winter running and some social opportunities.

Keeping those running shoes active through the winter has many benefits, but as an experienced running coach, I strongly feel winter is great time to put greater emphasis on your strength and mobility. If the fact that eighty- two percent of running injuries are the result of poor training, does not indicate we are training poorly, we are mistaken. I have chatted often about the baseless training plans being used, but another important part of our training is the improvement of our stability and mobility.

In the 10 plus years I have been working with runners, I have come to understand the importance of functional strength for runners. While I am all about muscular arms (for my own private reasons), and overall body composition, I often neglect putting focus on stability & mobility improvements necessary for healthy and better running.

Running has unique and repetitive biomechanical movements and I can assure you, muscular arms are of no benefit. When I speak of stability & mobility, I often think back to my Exercise Science class with Ms. Bassinger. She drew this silly looking stick figure that clearly shows what joints require stability (strengthened) and which require healthy mobility (range of motion). Runners can look at this guy my daughter refers to as Fitness Fred and get an idea of what they need to put emphasis on as far as their strength and mobility training.

If you look right at the base you will see the “S” for stability on the foot and the “M” for mobility at the ankle. If our feet lack strength (stability) because we have gotten accustomed to thick cushioned shoes, right off the bat, our base is not doing what its intended purpose is. This means every time our foot strikes the ground, something is being adversely affected. Maybe the results are direct, and we battle plantar fasciitis, or maybe not so direct and this weakness is the reason our knee is rotating excessively inward, resulting in anterior knee pain.

Proper Stability & Mobility are critical components of healthy and effective running. NFLF puts a lot of focus on our runners both on the road and off. Our running plans are the best available, but they are only a part of the training we provide. All our runners have a balanced training plan that includes running and functional strength training. This has resulted in many fewer injuries and much better running performance.

If you are interested in improving your running or minimizing your injury risk, contact us for a free consultation and workout session.

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