Resistance For All Ages

Good morning.

We are a week into the New Year, how are you doing with your resolutions (goals)? I am sure I have read or heard the percentage of resolutions kept is low, so I prefer to focus on my goals. Not for just the new year, but for my life in general. Without goals I would be a ship without a rudder, just aimlessly floating about. Last week I mentioned 3 goals I have for this year, shed some weight, run a half marathon, and love thy neighbor better. None of the three are quick outcomes but are a part of being the best version of me. So, I am working at them and if I have moments of failure, I will hopefully learn, forgive myself and keep working toward them.

If you have spent anytime reading “Coffee & Chat with the Coach,” you know how much I like to use science and legitimate studies to validate our fitness and running approach. Science continues to provide findings which leave no doubt as to the importance of resistance and mobility training for all ages. Regardless of our age strengthening our muscles and maintaining range of motion will help us daily functioning and later in life capability. A very small percentage of our population does either resistance or range of motion training, and for sure, as people age, they are even more reluctant to consider resistance training.

Two of our No Finish Line Fitness clients are in their mid-seventies and the amount of resistance they challenge themselves with today versus when they started (and were younger), is amazing. Resistance does not have to mean lifting large amounts of weight, but more increasing muscle strength and power relative to where we are at. Increasing muscle has many benefits, but the power in the muscle is what we lose first. Power is what helps us to push off the step and get up the stairs.

Wolfs Law

Just as important as the functioning of muscles, our structure (skeletal bones), is ever developing or weakening dependent upon our activity or lack of. German scientist Julian Wolf (1836 – 1902) came up with “Wolfs Law,” “That which is stressed will get stronger, and conversely that which is not stressed will become weaker.” In fitness terms: If we provide resistance to our bones, they will become stronger and if we do not, they will weaken. Wolfs Law is as relevant today as it was when he came up with it. Bones are living organisms and are capable of growth and strengthening at any age.

Absolutely we need to always proceed with resistance wisely and consult our physician’s prior, but with consent and proper guidance we can all benefit from resistance training.

Running has always been “my thing” and I hope it can continue to be. However, twice a week I spend an hour doing resistance training. Not only will the strengthening help my running, but I am investing in my body, not only for the immediate, but for my later years as well. It is an amazing feeling!

Next week, I will share a study which further motivates me as well as it should you.

Have a great weekend!

God Bless,