Fitness Center
NFLF Fitness Center

Locally on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, Maine and Northern Massachusetts, we have the No Finish Line Fitness, Fitness Center. "The Center" offers total functional fitness for runners and non-runners. Our professional trainers offer science based proven personal training for Stability (strength) and Mobility as well as small group classes. Whether you are looking to improve your running through functional strength, or want to improve your overall strength, functional capability or body composition, we offer state of the art equipment and stress free training.

The running side of "The Center" is filled with opportunities to improve running form, meet with certified running coaches, develop personal running plans, join in on a group run and partake in other running related workouts.

The NFLF Fitness Center is tucked into the corner of the Dover Point Office Park, located at 44G Dover Point Road, Dover, New Hampshire.

Available by appointment: Request Appointment