The NFLF Approach

As certified running coaches at ` No Finish Line Fitness we approach each runner as the unique individual they are. Each runner has a different body, motivation and desired outcome for their training. Whether we are customizing a personal running plan, or using one of our many resources, our focus is always on the individual. We believe running should change a person's life, and we base our personal approach on this philosophy.

Can we also help experienced runners achieve better results? Absolutely! We understand a seasoned runner's desire to improve times, increase distance or just become a better runner. With a staff of personalized running coaches and proven resources our approach is to help our clients reach the next level and to build upon the runner's passions and mix them with the competitive nature of the individual.

No Finish Line Fitness's mission and focus is to personalize our knowledge, experience and resources to empower runners and endurance athletes of all levels and locations. Whether you're a beginner or a competitor, we can help guide you beyond the finish line.

Ready to change your
life through running?

What We Do

  • Give you an honest assessment of your form & fitness
  • Record your running from multiple camera angles to identify technique issues or risk of injury
  • Help you develop technically proper running form
  • Explain how our tools and resources can get you started and more importantly keep you going
  • Establish your starting point and develop the right personal training plan for your ultimate success
  • Train you for a healthy lifestyle that fits your lifestyle
  • Create an individualized training plan to clearly guide you to being the best runner you can be
  • Plan conservatively to ensure long term success with your running
  • Assist you in smart goal setting that does not compromise your health
  • Help to instill a belief that no goal is unattainable
Our Coaches
Mike Davis - CEO / Head Coach

CEO and Head Running Coach began his coaching career over 10 years ago at a local running store, helping a large group of runners train for a half marathon. Mike went on to coach multiple training groups working with all level of runners. His message was simple: “Find enjoyment in your running and you will run for life!” Wanting to take his coaching to the next level, Mike went out to Denver Colorado and completed the Level I Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certification. He has since followed that up with becoming one of the first RRCA Level II certified running coaches. After retiring from his 33-year career in the military, Mike completed the certification program for Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Adding personal training to NFLR has helped to merge stability and mobility with our runners to insure stronger functional running. To further help runners, in the spring of 2018, coach Davis completed his certification in Running Gait Analysis, through the Association of Clinical Excellence (Different ACE). Adding professional gait analysis to NFLR services, we can help all level of runners improve their running form, run more efficient and prevent injuries.

Coach Davis combines experience, knowledge, and technology to help beginners up to marathoners, run functionally and fundamentally strong. His passion for helping runners be technically strong, while embracing the spiritual side of running, creates a wonderful training experience. Mike continues to focus on education and is a firm believer in the science of functional running. When not running and coaching, Mike is a husband, father of 3, and a grandfather of 3. However, while Mike has many passions, his foundation is in his faith in God.