Good morning… Friday Doug informed me that all our Saturday morning Winter Pacers group would not be in attendance, as they would all be running the “Run Before You Crawl” 5K. Over the past few years I have run very few races, so I pay little attention to the when races are happening. Typical Doug and I, the conversation turned to “If you run, I guess I will run,” and in short time we agreed we would run. I was not sure what to expect yesterday morning, especially with 20 to 30 mph winds expected. The first 2 miles of the course were mostly uphill, and I have run these hills many times over my years in Dover. However, I am unsure I have ever run them with such a wind attacking head on! I used my Garmin, but only to pay attention to my heart rate, with a goal of keeping it under 135 BPM’s for the first 2 miles. By the time I got up the first Washington street hill, my heart rate was at 135 BPM’s! From that point on, my heart rate hung around 140 and that became my new goal.
Good morning… Why do we run, workout, and etc.? No doubt there would be many responses to this question. Improved health, body composition, stress, social activity, and competition, would be some of the reasons. Some might say; “It does not matter why we workout.” I would have to disagree. The word “intrinsic” was used a lot in my education to become a personal trainer. Intrinsic means our motivation comes from within us as opposed to seeking external sources. An example of intrinsic would be: “I run and strength train because I enjoy the feeling of taking care of my body.” The flip side of this would be: “I workout because I like to compete in competitions.” One motivation is an internal satisfaction, while the other is a desire for external gratification.
Good morning and Happy Saint Paddies Day! Yesterday I had a personal training session with a client whom I have been working with for a few weeks now. Toward the end of the workout he asked me a few questions and they were a bit challenging. My responses were not thought out, but they were honest and genuine. Later I thought about his questions again and I was still happy with my responses. I will share the questions and better edited responses. Client: Are you trying to build a large business with numbers or stay small and personal? A truly tricky question. No doubt I want NFLF to grow and I certainly do not want to limit the size. However, I do not want sacrifice personal experience for our clients or balance in my life, for my ego or financial gain. Once upon a time there was a goal of a partnership and that did not come to be, so much of the services NFLF provides fall on my shoulders.
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