Good morning Early in March I expressed my plan to embrace a month I have traditionally disliked tremendously. Here we are in final weekend of March and I am happy to report, March has been a great month! Attitude certainly played an important role, but our NFLF Spring Team Challenge really made March fun! Right from the beginning it appeared Team Davis would be in for a battle, and that lit a fire under me, leading to challenging and fun month. It is kind of funny how we have come up with these Challenges to help motivate people to stay focused on their fitness and it turns out that the Challenge helped me to enjoy a month I typically wish away. Right from the start of this Challenge it was clear that it would be fun and even a bit of jovial competitiveness.
“Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. “God saw that the light was good…” Genesis 1:3 We have more light today and Mike says, “That is good!” Good morning! This past week was a tough one for me as I struggled with some physical challenges and maybe even a couple mental ones. However, with my resolve to build off my blessings, I am excited for the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead. Most immediate is additional daylight and increased options for outside activities. A habit to rethink… I believe in “intelligent design,” and for sure, our bodies were designed perfectly. From the importance of our hallux (our big toe), on up to the computer between our ears, our bodies function perfectly. Until we screw it up… A while back I observed my granddaughter effortlessly squatting on the floor with perfect form. For the most part we all begin life with the same capability as my granddaughter.
Good morning! Grab some coffee and pull up a chair. Last week I chatted about my need to embrace March instead of bemoaning it. Well, I am here to tell you, March has been awesome! Awesome? The temps have been frigid, and the winds crazy enough to knock out power. Read on… Battling through… Thursday after our last morning client, I was prepared to head home, eat, relax, and then run for 50 minutes. After some contemplation, I instead chose to run immediately from the Center. The winds were crazy, and the chill was biting, however I focused only on getting my run done. The run itself was difficult from the beginning, but I stayed focused on running at a conversational pace, knowing my only goal was 50 minutes of moving my feet. Thanks to my lack of nourishment and some strong winds, conversational pace was quite slow and challenging.
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