Good Day! This past week was a little less busy with a mini vacation for me and a few clients on more extended vacations. A picture from our drive up Mount Washington (for which we did not make it to the top). The time gave us a chance to pause a bit and discuss all we have going on and how best to continue developing No Finish Line Fitness. Some of the topics were more immediate while others are more down the road. Here are 3 things we are looking at currently: Utilizing MyZone If you are not familiar with MyZone, it is means of monitoring clients heart rate in a way we can encourage maximizing particular workouts. I am excited for the capability this will give us and how much it will benefit our clients. However, like any other tool, it can be misused. We will educate our clients on the safest and most effective ways to train with MyZone. We hope to roll out MyZone in September! Multiple NFLF Center Open Houses.
Good morning! A new week begins, with new opportunities, and whatever mountains stand before us. Solidly into August, we now approach the backside of the summer. Though many warm days yet remain, there will be fewer, while daylight will dissipate ever so slightly with each passing day. Some will cheer the end of summer, while others will bemoan at the results of moving toward its end… I have (and still can be) been one of those who bemoans the shorter days and thoughts of another looming New Hampshire winter. Life returned me to New Hampshire and while it may not be where my heart is, I have embraced the wonderful opportunities being here have presented me. Being close enough to watch my granddaughter in her early years and growing the No Finish Line Fitness – Fitness Center are just a couple of the blessings that have been afforded me while being here. Life’s ups and downs certainly challenge our happiness and often our peace.
Good morning! What a beautiful weekend we are enjoying here in the Northeast. Yesterday, Doug and I went out for our run at 8:30 and while the humidity was on the higher side, the temperature was comfortable. Doug and I have been inconsistent with our running as we continue to figure out the balance of work, resistance training, and life. While running has been a casualty of our schedule, we have been getting in 2 to 3 resistance training on a weekly basis. I am hopeful we can settle in to a 2/3 (resistance/running) schedule. Doug is certainly discovering the challenges of juggling work, working out and a baby. This past Christmas a woman purchased a gift certificate package we offered for a 3-session running improvement coaching. Her desire was to give it to her teenage grandson Donovan, who runs for the Dover high school Cross-Country team. I was happy when Donovan reached out earlier in the month to schedule his first session.
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