Good morning Sometime ago I read a science finding about how our brains function when faced with the choice of exercise versus not exercising. Unfortunately, if we give our brain a choice, it will choose “not” to exercise. To make it more challenging, our brain will provide reasons (excuses) or rationalization to avoid the choice of exercise. This past week I worked out ONE time. Every time I considered working out, I thought it out and gave in to various reasons such as not feeling good, tired, cold, I’ll do it later and so on…. Essentially, giving my brain a choice led to exactly what science found would happen. So, I can blame a horrible week of exercise (and eating) on simple science. As fitness driven as I am, I can easily fall pray to letting “life,” emotions and even laziness derail my desire for fitness. I know a few people who are obsessed with working out and I do not fall into that category. I could debate the healthiness of such an obsession, but not today.
Good Day! This past week I traveled out to Colorado to visit my daughter and 2 grandsons. Sunday the temperature was 70 degrees in Denver. I got there on Monday and was welcomed with 8 inches of fresh snow and temps in the teens. Upon my return Thursday, my flight was delayed a couple hours because of the weather on the east coast. As I sat waiting, I was greeted by an airport employee who brightened my day immensely. Matilda won my heart instantly and validated however many dog treats they compensate her. While I enjoyed my short visit with my daughter and children, I was happy to get back to New Hampshire. So much is going on with NFLF and being away really challenges me. People here about our unique training and are contacting us on a regular basis looking for personal training or help with their running. Even while I was out in Colorado, we received 3 requests from people specifically seeking our unique training.
Good morning I was extremely happy to say goodbye to January! While it was a great month on many levels, I want to keep winter rolling along. Yesterday I did another Vlog ( and I briefly touched on my fitness goal for January. Thanks to MyZone I had a tangible number I was aiming for and that was 2,000. To be more specific, my goal was to earn 2,000 MyZone Effort Points (MEPs). The terminology is somewhat self-explanatory, but essentially the more effort I expended working out, resulted in my earning MEP’s. On Friday, the final day of January, Doug and I worked out and we worked out hard! My efforts resulted in my earning 120 MEP’s, bringing my total MEP’s for January to… 1980 MEP’s. I may have been a bit disappointed but coming within 20 points only motivates me to work even harder in February! With February being a short month and me spending the first 4 days away, I know I will have some work to do.
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