Good Day and Happy May! April was not exactly my most successful month as far as my health and fitness. Too many sweets and not enough MEPS (Myzone Effort Points)! My goal for May is no weekday sweets and 3,200 MEPS for the month. Both will be challenging and require discipline on my part, but success will be unsweet. ?? This month we have no official NFLF Myzone Challenges, but we will be offering an Accountability Challenge. An Accountability Challenge is an opportunity to stay motivated by having your MEPS being viewable to who accept the Challenge. If you have a MZ3 with a NFLF FAC, you will receive a request to join. No cost, no prizes, and no pressure. Just away to help with motivation. In the coming months we will be rolling out another Challenge, which will be a lot of fun! Time truly moves much too fast Slowing time down does not seem possible, so I believe the best strategy is to make the most of each day.
Good morning Quick visualization exercise: Close your eyes and visualize how you would like to see yourself when you are 65 years old? If you are there or older, change that to a year or more from now. Think about the activities you enjoy, and goals you have for your future years. Open your eyes. All of our clients fill out a questionnaire and one of the questions is, what does the 65-year-old version of them look like? Do not read all these studies now but scan the titles as you scroll down. The fitter you are the more fat you burn Cells burn more calories after just one bout of moderate aerobic exercise, OSU study finds
Good morning Early in March I expressed my plan to embrace a month I have traditionally disliked tremendously. Here we are in final weekend of March and I am happy to report, March has been a great month! Attitude certainly played an important role, but our NFLF Spring Team Challenge really made March fun! Right from the beginning it appeared Team Davis would be in for a battle, and that lit a fire under me, leading to challenging and fun month. It is kind of funny how we have come up with these Challenges to help motivate people to stay focused on their fitness and it turns out that the Challenge helped me to enjoy a month I typically wish away. Right from the start of this Challenge it was clear that it would be fun and even a bit of jovial competitiveness.
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