Good morning I hope your September is off to a great start. NFLF is in the midst of our 30 Day Plant Based Diet Challenge. This is day 7 and I cannot say there has been any huge revelations yet. I just mixed up some vegan blueberry muffin batter, only to discover I do not have a muffin pan, so I made blueberry bread. For the most part I have stuck to the challenge, but I believe I failed Friday night when I ate at Panera. My guess is I at vegetarian, not vegan. Nevertheless, I will continue to do my best over the 30 days. I suppose as I get older, the thought of Alzheimer’s and Dementia become more of a concern. While I am confident that I will avoid these two serious illnesses, I certainly pay attention to what science is finding. A week a so ago I read some valuable findings on the subject. The topic was 12 ways to reduce our chances of getting dementia. Thankfully, with exception of head traumas I have most of the 12 covered. Look at the findings. https://www.sciencedaily.
Good morning! Wow, what a beautiful Labor Day weekend! Yesterday I laced up a pair of new Saucony Kinvara’s and ran/walked for 35 minutes. It was awesome! Next month will mark my hip replacement one year anniversary and while I was back running by month four, I struggled and shut it down. The last two months I have focused on physical therapy exercises and other strengthening in both my hips. I have been doing quite well with my workouts, and have even added a lot of jump roping, but gosh have I missed running! Today my legs are a bit sore, but I am thrilled! Tomorrow we start our 30 day NFLF Plant Based Diet Challenge. In talking with those who are going to take part in the challenge, they are excited. There is no cost to take part and we will even be giving custom NFLF tumbler to those who participate. We have set up a Facebook page where if you follow it, you can share your recipes and comments:
Good morning! It is a beautiful fall like morning here in New Hampshire. Yesterday’s rain was greatly needed (and welcome), but todays sunny crisp temperature is great! September 7th No Finish Line Fitness is beginning our thirty day Plant Based Diet challenge. Last week I chatted about my personal goals, and probably went a bit too long detailing why this challenge fits one of those goals. However, I would encourage you to check out Game Changers (Netflix) and like me, it may cause you to pause. Aging is inevitable, but we make choices every day that will determine how aging will affect our mind, body, and spirit. The NFLF Plant Base Diet Challenge is open to all who want to join in (no participation cost). Our goal is to combine our collective spirts and support each other for this 30 day period. You can get more information on what we are doing at: https://nofinishlinerunning.
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