Good afternoon! What a great fall it has been here in New England! Now we hit my most favorite week of the year, the week running up to Thanksgiving. While I try to be thankful all the time, this week always brings special joy to my spirit. I hope through all the current challenges that you can enjoy those that are around you, and your week is a special one. While we have a few months to go before some sense of normalcy returns, it was great news this week to hear a second company is nearly ready to roll out a successful vaccine. This is wonderful news. Resistance versus Cardiovascular I have chatted endlessly about the importance of resistance (strength training), and I will continue to. Those of the older population who are getting out and walking are certainly helping build greater heart health (cardiovascular), and even some leg strength. However, the aging process works against our bones and the power aspect of our muscles.
Good morning! November 15th came on me quick! Between being focused on being in the best shape I can be heading into the holidays and a busy slate at No Finish Line, the days are flying by! I am super excited for the holidays and ready for time to slow down… This past Wednesday night I was having a good laugh with long time friend and NFLF client Kate Dickinson. Both of us are using the NFLF Holiday Challenge to give us additional workout motivation and it seems as if we are accumulating MEPS (effort points) at the same rate. At one point we had the same number of points! While the Challenges is not necessarily a competition, there is a certain element of friendly (and humorous) banter.
Good morning! What an amazing start to November! After a few days of dreary rain, we have been blessed with some of the most beautiful weather Our “NFLF Holiday Challenge” is off to a great start and it has been fun to cheer on everyone On my run yesterday I saw Christmas lights being put up Winding Down 2020 As we wind down this challenging year, nothing indicates that the challenges presented by this pandemic are ready to cease. As predicted, the number of Covid-19 cases have spiked and will most likely continue into early 21, so it appears we will be dealing with annoying masks and limited social opportunities for a while. The Good People are finding ways to bring joy to our surroundings, such as early Christmas lights! I am among those who love Christmas lights and once upon a time would overdue the front yard with Christmas cheer.
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