Good morning! Friday I was up in North Conway with a friend and it was wonderful to see all the large white vans (and a few black) all about with runners. If you are a runner, you know these vans belonged to those crazy folks who were teaming up to relay from Bretton Woods to Hampton Beach, “Reach the Beach,” or as most refer to it: “RTB.” There is no doubt I miss the craziness of taking part in RTB. North Conway is my favorite section of the relay, so for sure I was envious. Many of my friends ran this amazing event, but a special shout out to Michael Mercier, who battled physical setbacks to once again pull his share of the miles. I cringed when he texts me his first leg pace (too fast) but cheered when he let me know his leg 3 was complete! Way to go Mr. Mercier, I am proud of you! Way to go everyone! Reach the Beach was a love/hate for me. Mentally, the weeks preceding always stressed me as a runner.
Good morning… With September now in full swing, let the pumpkin spice craze begin! Seriously, I am a pumpkin guy, but even I have limits! The other day I heard Hormel is making a pumpkin spiced SPAM! Really? So yes, this morning I am sipping on a hot cup of pumpkin spiced coffee (not artificially flavored). Oh, and do not knock pumpkin ice cream until you have had it. Another amazing weekend here on the Seacoast. The temperatures have been hovering around a quite comfortable 70 degrees. Yesterday I was down around Rye Beach with a friend and the effects of hurricane Dorian were some amazing waves smashing against the seawalls, creating a wonderful show. While the affects of Dorian may be fun in this part of the world, my heart and prayers go out to those in other parts of the world who were devastated by the affects. While my friend and I were down walking on the sidewalk along Rye Beach, I pointed out a house of a wonderful friend who I met through running.
Good morning and happy September! I believe September may be my favorite month of the year, and October a close second. Yesterday, Doug and I were driving over to the NFLF Center and on the way, we passed a half marathon in progress, as well as numerous other runners out enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning run. The sport of running shows no signs of slowing down and as a coach, advocate and runner, I could not be more pleased. In the coming weeks I will share some insight in how runners can insure a life of healthy and enjoyable running. Last week I received the following text from Mary Lynn Fahey, one of our clients who personal trains with us: “Mike, why are you getting a picture from the top of a garage at Northeastern University? Because, I just walked up all five flights of stairs without needing the hand railing! Wearing my backpack with my laptop! Thank you so much.
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