Good morning Over four years ago I retired from the military and, I told myself I was content on being who I was and change or improvement was no longer needed at that stage of my life. Quite a dumb belief. Since that misguided period of my life, I have gone back to school, sought out additional certifications, challenged my faith and refused to accept life as seen through my lenses only. While I have plenty of growth and improvement left, I am pleased for the baby-steps I have taken. Six weeks ago, my daughter Jennifer text me and telling me to watch Game Changers on Netflix. No explanation or details, just a simple text saying: “Watch Game Changers on Netflix.” It was kind of late and I was tired, but I turned it on. I quickly realized “Game Changers” was not for entertainment, but to provoke my mind! I have always been primarily a meat eater and some vegetables (but not a lot). Game Changers is a documentary on plant based diet (PBD) versus animal based (to include fish).
It can be hard enough to get back into a workout routine post baby, between time constraints, nursing/pumping/bottle feeding and just juggling mom life it can be hard. In addition to the every day time blocks/stressors, a lot of nursing mama's have questions about their milk supply and fear that it will drop, I am here to tell you that is NOT true, but there are some things you can do to keep up your supply and fuel your body. 1. Don't cut calories. Breastfeeding typically causes you to burn between 400-500 calories a day. Add in working out and you are burning even more. Make sure you are keeping up your calories once you get back to your workouts, this will help ensure your milk supply stays strong. One of my favorite go to breakfasts for keeping up supply is oatmeal! 2. Stay hydrated. It is easy to get busy and get to 4pm realizing you only drank a few sips of water that morning with breakfast.
What is going on at NFLF: Next week we are going to introduce an amazing challenge that could change your life… With our free July personal training now past. If you want to try out the best training in the area, we will give you 2 free sessions. I chatted briefly last week about post-exercise replenishment Well that is it for the week. Have a great week ahead and be well! God Bless Mike #Faithoverfear
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