Good morning What a difference a week makes! Between the snow and a long overdue cold, I will not be venturing out today. Thankfully I have a couple days to get rest and hopefully back to good health. Yesterday I run/walked for 35 minutes, which gave me two run/walks for the week. All said, I was pleased with both and will continue a methodical training process. Between strength training and run/walking, I hope to come out of winter strong and ready. Ready for what you ask? For that I have no answer but being ready is never a bad thing. NFLF Team While I am the most visible member of the NFLF team, equally as valuable and behind the scenes are Jennifer Miller and Doug Mackinnon. Doug is a certified running coach (RRCA) however, his focus is primarily on our information technology (IT). We have a state-of-the-art website and some unique training tools thanks to Doug’s brilliance, and we continue to challenge him with new ideas.
Good morning! Now that winter has passed, we can… Never mind Actually, a few of NFLF clients are headed to Florida for vacation and not a one of them took my subtle hint when I said, “when are we leaving?” I guess no one wants their trainer with them on vacation! This past week was my best one of the decade! LOL. I did our NFLF HIIT Explosion workout twice and walk ran for 30 minutes yesterday. Last week I painted a less than rosy picture of my new hip progress, but I am staying positive and that seems to help me physically and mentally. My 30 minute walk/run was not particularly fast, but it was great! I will give myself a couple days and repeat the same workout. Ironically, I got a call last night from my older brother (Rick) and he told me he slipped on the ice earlier Saturday morning and broke his left hip (same hip as his little brother). He will be having hip replacement early this week.
Good morning… We are 5 days into 2020 and I’m still trying to figure out what I would like it to look like for me personally. I was hoping by now my hip would be ready to run, but unfortunately my progress has slowed down. It has not been easy, but I have gotten back to our NFLF HIIT Explosion workout. Some days I have been encouraged but others, I struggle more than I would like. I guess it could be said I may be pushing a bit too soon, and I may be, but there is no clear blueprint to go by. Gray matter may not be something most know about, but it is an important part of cognitive skills. As we age our grey matter decrease and is replaced with white matter. Yesterday I read a new study which found that cardiovascular exercise was found to improve brain health and decelerate gray matter lose.
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