Good morning! Grab some coffee and pull up a chair. Last week I chatted about my need to embrace March instead of bemoaning it. Well, I am here to tell you, March has been awesome! Awesome? The temps have been frigid, and the winds crazy enough to knock out power. Read on… Battling through… Thursday after our last morning client, I was prepared to head home, eat, relax, and then run for 50 minutes. After some contemplation, I instead chose to run immediately from the Center. The winds were crazy, and the chill was biting, however I focused only on getting my run done. The run itself was difficult from the beginning, but I stayed focused on running at a conversational pace, knowing my only goal was 50 minutes of moving my feet. Thanks to my lack of nourishment and some strong winds, conversational pace was quite slow and challenging.
Good morning! Today we say goodbye to February and tomorrow we say howdy to the great month of March! I often bemoan the month of March, as I dislike the ups and downs of the transition of winter to spring. Things are going to change in my attitude! February was a fantastic month for me and NFLF and March is going to be even better! In my military career I often heard, “attitude is altitude,” and while I agree with the idea, I do not always reflect it. March is going to rock and if you catch me being anything other than positive, just smile at me and say: “Attitude is altitude Mike.” In my never ending journey to improve as a fitness professional, I read various books, studies, science findings and continue taking courses on health and fitness. Currently I am doing an online course on Posture and Movement Assessment. While a lot of this course is a refresher, I am enjoying the material and the emphasis on the importance of all aspects of improving our posture and movements.
Good morning This past Friday I blew out 58 candles and continued the ascent to 60. Just a week prior two different people informed me that things started getting rough physically after turning 60 and 65. Does either of those two proclamations scare me? Nope! For starters, at 58 years of age, I believe I am in the best physical condition ever. My weight is lower than it has been in a lot of years, my body fat has dropped considerably, and all my vital health numbers continue to be excellent. As important, I feel fantastic! Bragging? Maybe, but not really. Each week I have a goal of 3 running and 2 strength training days and for the most part, I have met that goal. Combine my fitness with an improving diet and minimal alcohol and all together I am healthy, fit and feeling great. Approaching 60 and then facing 65 should not mean that the wheels must start going flat.
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