Good morning Amid this lifestyle altering time, I have witnessed some activities which have made me smileā€¦ While walking Roy around the neighborhood we passed a house where 4 women were sitting in lawn chairs (socially acceptable spaced) sipping wine. They appeared to be having a great time and no doubt the longer they stayed out there, the more enjoyable it would get. I am also witnessing an increased number of people running, and many I have never seen out on the streets previously. This could be the result of people now running at different times (hence more noticeable) or maybe some have decided to take up this great form of exercise. By the looks of the running form I am seeing, I believe many are just now taking up running!?? I will come back to this in a bit. Another wonderful activity I am seeing, is the number of husbands and wives out walking together.
Good morning! Last Sunday morning I sat down to write my weekly Coffee & Chat, and it never made it to its finality. Church had been canceled and the most of our world was spinning in a plane of motion most have never witnessed. 9-11 was certainly a surreal time and quite sad, but being in the military, I was absorbed in activities related to taking action. Those activities may have been comparatively minor compared to those who boarded aircrafts headed to Afghanistan, but at least my activities gave me some sense of a direct purpose. As I pecked at my keyboard my sense of value felt reduced to something much less than I have felt before and even comfortable with. Nothing I was typing out pleased me and ultimately, I pushed my laptop away. The best way to describe my feeling was: COVID-19 had attacked my spirit and knocked it down to a level I had experienced a few times in my 57 years. Most people who join me for Coffee & Chat know I am a man of deep faith in God.
Good morning Springing forward is the best. On the 15th of March! The past week was a challenge of my willpower for sure. The early part of the week my knee was in considerable pain and even up until a scheduled partner workout on Wednesday I was in doubt about my capability. I was mentally beaten up a little, as I really wanted to start March off strong and the picture did not look promising. The fact the pain was not in my hip but on the same side knee, had me thinking compensation and iliotibial band syndrome (ITB). Foam rolling is typically the solution, but my knee did not immediately respond this time. Frustrating start to my week! Wednesday afternoon Wednesday morning Doug text me and let me know he was free to workout at 4 pm, so I had to make a decision. Right up till Doug walked in, I was on the fence as to my capability.
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