Good morning! Grab your coffee and pull up a chair. Hard to believe that the running season is upon us, while the northeast has gotten hammered with mid-January like weather! Nevertheless, it is time to get those running shoes dusted off. With spring nearly officially here, that means it is time for the No Finish Line Running spring training group. This year we will be training for the Bow Lake 5K/1K race. This group is led by DeeJ Swallow, is the top running group leader on the Seacoast. Whether you are a beginner or a runner ready to get right at, this training group will work for you. Our group of certified coaches combine their knowledge and experience to provide the best possible experience for any runner. Come on down to Bagel Grounds in Dover tomorrow morning an be a part of something special! For more information go to:
Good morning Been a busy couple of weeks for the coach. Four days at the Ideafit Personal Trainer conference, followed by a quick trip to New Hampshire to meet with some NFLR clients and now back in Pinehurst and I must get ready to head back to classes tomorrow. Spring break was quick for sure! The Ideafit conference was very interesting and provided a lot of great information. My class on “stability & mobility” was probably my favorite, as it delved into the importance of balancing strengthening (weights) and mobility (range of motion). Often most active people, focus on just one or the other. resulting in poor movement functionality, bad posture and long-term problems. I suppose that I could have inserted the word “potential” in front of those results, because some would say that it is not certain that an imbalance of stability and mobility will have a negative impact.
Good morning! I am on an Amtrak train that left Southern Pines NC this morning around 7am and will arrive in nations capital (Washington DC) just before 3pm. I am headed to the Ideafit Personal Trainer conference in Alexandria Virginia. The college I attend is sending a group of us, and most of the group is traveling tomorrow, however I signed up for an all-day class tomorrow and that meant I had to get there day earlier. I looked at a couple options for getting there and found out that I could take the train, and if you know me, you know my love for the trains, so it made great sense for me to ride the rail! It is kind of funny that it will take longer by train than auto, but it is much more relaxing. I have coffee, my computer, a book and all the amenities of a train (food car and restrooms). So far, I am really enjoying it! Since leaving the military, my journey has taken me Sandhills Community College, where I am furthering my education in exercise science.
Good morning! Coffee & Chat has been on hiatus for a couple of weeks due to computer problems, but after 5 visits to a computer repair shop, I am now once again operational. A bit frustrating, but I survived. My 30 days of downtime from running ended last Monday, which happened to coincide with my 55th birthday. I was eager to get back on the road and it felt great to be lacing up my Saucony Kinvara’s! After a 4 minute walk, I eased into a comfortable pace and enjoyed 40 minutes of wonderful running. I felt much better than I would have expected and experienced no problems with my calf’s. My only negative was a stumble just after my turn to had back home that resulted in a scraped knee and a bit of a sore hand. I told a few people that a squirrel tripped me, but that was a bit of embarrassment fiction. Nevertheless, despite the tumble, I enjoyed celebrating my birthday moving my running shoes.
Good morning! As I enter my final down week from running, I am excited about getting back into my Saucony Kinvara’s! My time out of my shoes has been mainly focused on strengthening functionally, for both my running and my posture. Actually, improved posture is just as important for my running as strengthening my hips and other more obvious running related muscles. Rightfully so, much of functionality for running starts at the feet and moves up the kinetic chain. This helps me as a running coach when I am trying to evaluate running form using our gait analysis system or conducting a functional screening. Ideally, we would like to combine a functional screening with a professional gait analysis to provide the greatest amount of detail about a runner’s mobility and stability. “Overuse,” is a typical diagnosis as a cause for many injuries and is also frequently misunderstood. Many believe that running is bad for our knees, because we “overuse” their intended function.
Good morning! I just passed the 2 week mark of my hiatus from running and I can sum my feelings up in 2 words: “It sucks!” We had some nice days that would have been perfect for a run, and other days that would not have been ideal, I miss running on both! Running is like nothing else I do in my life; its physical and mental benefits are lifelines that other activities fall short of offering. I am sure if you are a runner you have no problem understanding this. I have stolen this quote (unknown author) and used it many times: “When we finish a run, we are not the same person we were when we started.” This quote very much represents me and how running impacts me consistently. When I move those running shoes, I not only give myself the opportunity to get physically stronger, but I enjoy the distraction-less world that allows for greater mental clarity.
Good morning I remember well (12 years ago) when Kathy was reading a Seacoast newspaper (ironically while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC), and she came across an add for a half marathon training group out of the local running store in Portsmouth. Having not run close to that distance ever, I thought it sounded crazy, but we agreed it would be a good challenge and even if we did not go the distance, it would help be beneficial. Our lives were about to change, and our career goals today may very well be the result of that ad in the newspaper. That half marathon training group not only introduced us to the amazing running community and one of the most magical places in Runners Alley, but it began our path toward eventually becoming running coaches. For the first time, we learned about proper running clothes, slowing down our pace and the concepts of improved running through following a training plan.
Good morning! Sunday, I chatted (in length) about the joy I had running the 10K race with my wife. In that chat I mentioned how I pushed to the finish, despite both calves being super tight and just waiting to pop. I have been running pretty much nonstop for quite some time now and even when I took some downtime for an injury, it was not substantial. Over the past 2 years, I have struggled with both of my calves and that has challenged my running enjoyment for sure. So, I am going to take a month off from running. I am not good at not running, so taking a month off is not going to be easy for me. This month out of my running shoes is not going to be a month of sitting, but instead I am going to use it to help my running. Taking a month away from something that benefits me on multiple levels is not easy, but if I can spend the time focusing on strength, stability, agility, and rest, I will survive not being in my Kinvaras (my running shoes of choice).
Good morning! Grab your coffee and pull up stool. Over a month ago, I signed Kathy and I up for an inaugural race, that would take place at the country club we belong to. This race offered 3 choices for distances, 5K, 10K, or half marathon, and while we both would have liked to run 13.1 miles, neither of us were prepared and so I registered us for the 10K. Even that distance was ambitious, as Kathy and I both have been battling some injuries and would not get a lot of training in. Since registering, we had averaged one run a week, and while we both are experienced runners, that is not a lot of training for running a 10K. On Friday, the day before the race, there was still snow-covered spots and the temperature was still considerably lower than normal. The race would start at 7:15 that next day and when we picked up our bibs, Kathy let me know the “real feel” was going to be 21 degrees at race time. I responded with a typical dumb joke, but Kathy did not laugh.
Good morning! Kathy has been attending Sandhills Community College (SCC) fulltime now for over a year and she has done amazing. She is working on her Associates in Health & Science and the results of her hard work, is a near perfect GPA. As I chatted about last year, I took some classes last spring and enjoyed gaining more formal knowledge in “exercise science.” Last week the spring semester began at SCC, and again Kathy has a full class load, while I am taking 2 courses once again. While Kathy is seeking her Associates, I am more focused on less of a challenge and more just specific to the business of functional running and strength training. So, this semester I am taking “Group Fitness Instruction” and “Fitness Facility Management.” Both may play significant role in the future of NFLR in my goal to provide the best resources to functional running. Group fitness has long been a skillset that I have desired to attain and gain certification in.
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