Good morning! First things first. Yesterday I was back out with the NFLF Winter Pacers group running for 60 minutes and that run capped off a week of running three times. Great accomplishments for me! With only 16 days till Christmas, I hope you are finding time to enjoy the season. I am scooting from here to there, so it has been a bit of a challenge to take in the season. I did spend a little time in Target Friday night looking at toys for our grandchildren. I was somewhat successful, so that is nice. More to do, so I must make time. Let me throw in a cheap plug for gifts you might consider for someone who would appreciate help with their running or improved fitness. We are offering 3 incredible gift certificates at a huge discount. Coaching & Personal Training $100.00 ($200.00 value) Personal Training $50.00 ($125.00 value) Includes 4 sessions Runners Fitness Sampler Package $150.00 ($350.
Good morning Here we are seven days into December and it feels like we should be further. The week has been nonstop for me between my work at the YMCA’s and remodeling No Finish Line Running into No Finish Line Fitness. Wednesday evening, I made my return to group training, as I joined in with our Winter Pacers Group for a 50-minute run. We chose to run a route through Dover familiar to me from our previous days of living on Taylor road and it certainly brought back wonderful memories. While the temperature was low, the run was awesome! Before we even started, I introduced myself to one of the newest members of the group (Susan) and she replied that she knew who I was, as she has been following our NFLF Twelve Days of Fitmas on Facebook. This recognition certainly tickled me, as I was unsure anyone was paying attention. (I will get back to our Twelve Days of Fitmas, in a moment.
Good morning! For two years I thought I was battling a muscle problem. Because of the area of the pain, not only myself, but various physical therapist believed either my soleus or gastrocnemius were the cause of my calf pain. Because of this thinking, I was given all the typical stretching and strengthening exercises, along with some instruction on self-myofascial release (foam rolling). None of the PT or my own self-treatment proved successful. In midsummer I met with my new primary care doctor and shared my frustration with him. He determined that instead of physical therapy, he referred me to an orthopedic doctor. That did not make sense to me, but I was hoping this direction would ultimately get me to a physical therapist capable of solving my calf problem. When I went to the orthopedic doctor back in late summer, much to my utter surprise, an x ray reveled a fractured tibia bone well above the area of pain, but also bone remodeling (bone growing process) nearer to my calf pain.
Good morning We have moved past Thanksgiving and now it is time for Christmas carols! The weekend has been great for us as we continue to set up the No Finish Line Fitness (NFLF) center. Thanks to help from NFLF’s good friend Jon Corbett, we were able to get our new equipment put together and other pieces completed. I am super excited as we have added state of the art equipment while maintaining valuable space for our gait analysis set up and small group classes. This photo does not do it justice, but it will give you a good idea of the new NFLF center. The large piece of equipment in the lower left-hand corner, is a cable system that will offer just about any strength training function imaginable. Just past that is dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine and slam balls, which are all great tools for strength training as well. Of course, on the right will be the focus of our gait analysis system. As soon as our updated logo is complete, we will roll out new branding.
Good morning I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I spent much of the morning giving thanks for the many, many blessings God has given me despite not deserving them. It is easy for me to acknowledge the blessings of my wife, children, mother and other family, however I do not always give Him thanks for all the amazing friends and people He has brought in my life. I am so blessed to have many wonderful friends who I love for their goodness. Truly I am blessed beyond my ability to acknowledge all of them. This morning I read a devotional that talked about focusing on gratitude whenever we feel like complaining. I do my share of complaining, so I am going to find a way of reminding myself at those times to remind myself of my blessings. If you are in my presence, encourage me when I fail. Thanksgiving may be once a year but giving thanks should be a ceaseless occurrence.
Good Afternoon! This morning got away from me a bit and before I knew it, I had to get out the door to church! I enjoy Coffee & Chat, but my priorities always start with my faith! So today will be an afternoon version of Coffee & Chat. We have some really, really exciting news! Over the past weeks a blessing fell into my lap. Let me back up a bit. In the early summer I returned to New Hampshire for various personal reasons. After settling in I was fortunate to find part-time employment at the YMCA’s of Manchester and Portsmouth. My desire to work at the Y was more about having the opportunity to work as a personal trainer and continue gaining greater experience in that area of fitness. All along, we have discussed opening another running center if the right opportunity presented itself. When we had the Center previously, we focused primarily on the running, as NFLR’s focus was only running.
Good morning Greetings to winter! (Sarcasm) Looking out the window at the snow draped trees and everything covered, I cannot say that I am overjoyed about the early snow. If everyone is safe and warm, life is good! For as long as I have been coaching runners, I have been also been working at developing meaningful (functional) strength training. Even before the inception of NFLR, Kathy and I were always looking for strength training that would benefit are military requirements and our overall fitness. (Also, some vanity on my part, as Kathy mentioned on occasion how she liked muscular arms) When running moved to the forefront of our life, strength training took on a new dimension, muscular arms had their benefits, but stronger and healthier running became the desired results. When NFLR came along, it quickly became apparent that most runners focused on running and did little (if any) strength training.
Good morning I have been a certified running coach for over 8 years now and in that time, I have sought out as much education as possible. My goal has always been to become not only a running coach, but an all-round fitness professional. I have been fortunate to study under some amazing teachers, who have helped me bot only become a better running coach, but also a certified personal trainer and educated group fitness instructor. All-together, thanks to my many opportunities, I feel blessed to be a all-round fitness professional. What does to be a “fitness professional” mean? It means that I can not only help runners become stronger, more efficient and reduce their risk of injuries, but I can help people looking to become more fit, stronger, functionally capable and improve their body composition.
Good morning! I am one tired dude. Between personal training at 2 different YMCA’s and spending time with NFLR runners, I am tuckered out. My day yesterday started with rolling out of the sack at 0330 (3:30am for non-military folks), at the Manchester Y by 5am, followed by a couple hours of post-race conversation with our most recent marathon finisher (Jennifer Curran), and then on to the airport to pickup a friend to deliver him to his very sick Mom. Long day, but all good! NFLR is wrapping up our training group for the Seacoast Half Marathon and we are excited for those that will enjoy one of New Hampshire’s most popular half marathons. With the end of our fall training group, we will roll right into our “Winter Pacers” training group beginning November 17th and running through the winter and finishing up April 13th. The group will meet Wednesday’s from Henry Law (or eventually a to be determined Pub) (6:00pm) and on Saturday morning at Bagel Grounds (8:30am).
Good morning, “I just wanted to finish the marathon comfortably, without injuries. I hadn't run a marathon or been running regularly in quite some time. It was my first race back and all I wanted was a finish. Despite quite a few significant setbacks, NFLR helped me not just to find the finish line, but to get there within less than a minute of my personal PR. I never thought I could get there with all the challenges I faced, but the results tell the story of coach and pupil!” Jennifer Curran October 28, 2018 Last Sunday, one of NFLR’s runners, crossed the finish line at the Marine Corp marathon. The above testimony was captured just a few hours after her success story. Jennifer’s story began with deciding to take on the challenge of 26.2 only after only 5 months before bringing a beautiful baby boy into the world. I am not necessarily a fan of someone coming to NFLR having already registered for a marathon, as it often leaves little room for proper training.
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