Good morning I have been a certified running coach for over 8 years now and in that time, I have sought out as much education as possible. My goal has always been to become not only a running coach, but an all-round fitness professional. I have been fortunate to study under some amazing teachers, who have helped me bot only become a better running coach, but also a certified personal trainer and educated group fitness instructor. All-together, thanks to my many opportunities, I feel blessed to be a all-round fitness professional. What does to be a “fitness professional” mean? It means that I can not only help runners become stronger, more efficient and reduce their risk of injuries, but I can help people looking to become more fit, stronger, functionally capable and improve their body composition.
Good morning! I am one tired dude. Between personal training at 2 different YMCA’s and spending time with NFLR runners, I am tuckered out. My day yesterday started with rolling out of the sack at 0330 (3:30am for non-military folks), at the Manchester Y by 5am, followed by a couple hours of post-race conversation with our most recent marathon finisher (Jennifer Curran), and then on to the airport to pickup a friend to deliver him to his very sick Mom. Long day, but all good! NFLR is wrapping up our training group for the Seacoast Half Marathon and we are excited for those that will enjoy one of New Hampshire’s most popular half marathons. With the end of our fall training group, we will roll right into our “Winter Pacers” training group beginning November 17th and running through the winter and finishing up April 13th. The group will meet Wednesday’s from Henry Law (or eventually a to be determined Pub) (6:00pm) and on Saturday morning at Bagel Grounds (8:30am).
Good morning, “I just wanted to finish the marathon comfortably, without injuries. I hadn't run a marathon or been running regularly in quite some time. It was my first race back and all I wanted was a finish. Despite quite a few significant setbacks, NFLR helped me not just to find the finish line, but to get there within less than a minute of my personal PR. I never thought I could get there with all the challenges I faced, but the results tell the story of coach and pupil!” Jennifer Curran October 28, 2018 Last Sunday, one of NFLR’s runners, crossed the finish line at the Marine Corp marathon. The above testimony was captured just a few hours after her success story. Jennifer’s story began with deciding to take on the challenge of 26.2 only after only 5 months before bringing a beautiful baby boy into the world. I am not necessarily a fan of someone coming to NFLR having already registered for a marathon, as it often leaves little room for proper training.
Good morning Have you ever had one of those times when you were excited you would have an opportunity to sleep in and you end up waking up nearly 2-hours before you had hoped? Oh well, the extra time allows me opportunity to do some things I would have put off for later. If you are not aware of the importance of sleep, you are not paying attention. Many studies now attribute wait gain and mental clarity to poor sleeping habits. For the most part I am disciplined about getting the appropriate amount of sleep, but I often break the other pre-sleep rules, such as being on my iPad or other blue light emitting devices. Here are 2 articles that discuss this subject. One is more of an article while the second is results from a study on eReaders.
Good morning! Last Sunday I discussed three specific changes to our training for NFLR client Chloe, in her nearly six-month preparation for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Utilizing our own developed science based/ personalized training module, incorporating heart rate training and focusing on running specific functional stability & mobility, were all new elements of our training program. Because I am the NFLR lead running coach, I personally oversaw every detail of Chloe’s training. Between constant communication and face to face visits, I was able to stay on top of her progress and insure the new training elements were working as intended. Chloe and I met a few days before what would be her final long run, to discuss her training and her coming race. I asked her what her preference would be; for me to design her race pacing based on running pace or using heart rate zones? Chloe did not hesitate, she wanted to stay with using heart rate to pace her.
Good morning! After a few more days more than I would have liked (hosted a friend), I got back to my running process yesterday. My first few runs consisted of alternating 1-minute of running with 1-minute of running for 35 total minutes. Initially everything felt great, however toward the final 8-minutes, I felt a little tightness in my calf. The tightness was not sharp or painful, so I am hoping after some self-myofascial release and an extra day of recovery, I will be okay. I may have not helped myself by shortening the walking intervals even by a few seconds. I will be more disciplined come Sunday. This Sunday I will be following one of our NFLR runners (Jennifer), as she runs the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC. Jennifer has been a pure delight to coach, with her amazing attitude and easy disposition. Her training did not come without challenges, as she just gave birth to an adorable little boy only 10 months ago.
Good morning! I would like to introduce you to Chloe, one of our individual running clients. Or as I rather say, a great member of the NFLR family. Chloe is a bit younger than the average for the running demographic (woman 32 to 40), but besides her youth, she has every attribute of a runner. Challenging career, busy lifestyle and enjoys the outdoors. Chloe came to us back in the spring having committed to running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. With some previous 26.2 experiences, she expressed a desire to run a more enjoyable race and be a stronger runner. Right about the time Chloe came to us, I had just finished my first iteration of a program that I had been working on for over a year. My goal has always been to combine a science-based programing with individual factors, that would result in a personalized science-based training plan. Most training plans are built one of two ways.
Good morning Crazy to believe we are on the backside of October! In the Northeast yesterday there were snow flurries and while the idea of snow is exciting to some, it is something I would not mind ever seeing! Life happens, and we must accept the seasons. On a more positive note, I believe I am turning the corner on my self-diagnosed flu. Still coughing a bit but getting stronger. Just before getting sick, chatted about getting back in my running shoes for the purpose they are intended. That first run in over 9 weeks was wonderful and more importantly, my leg felt great physically during, after and the days to follow. Then the flu hit and instead of a two day recovery, it turned into nearly two weeks! Yesterday I felt strong enough to lace back up my Kinvara’s and repeat the run on the treadmill I did nearly two weeks ago. I programed the Planet Fitness treadmill for a 35 minute run, with intervals of 3.2 and 6.0 (10 minute pace) settings.
Good morning! One of the most stunning facts I have seen as it relates to running is: “Eighty percent of running injuries is due to poor training.” With the large amount of injuries related to running, the idea that poor training is the culprit is disturbing, though the alternative (effective training), gives us hope of fewer injuries.
Good morning New England weather! This week: cloudy day, record high temperature day, and a rainy miserable day. True to all the clichés used to describe New England weather! Last weekend I was inspired by all the runners at the Apple Harvest Days 5K, so I decided it was time to get back on my running shoes and begin the process. I have been off the grid as far as running for over 8 weeks, so I was excited, even if it would only be 30-minutes of run/walking. I am happy to report it went great, no stress or other issues that I previously experienced. I was thrilled and looked forward to a day of recovery and getting back out there. I have not run since! The next day my leg felt just fine, but the rest of my body felt like I had been run over! I had the flu. Instead of the typical day of recovery for my leg, it looks like it may be a full week before I will test it again. I am still battling the sickness, but it has done a great job of beating me down.
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