Good morning! Apparently, our mailing list program has been sending Coffee & Chat to your spam folders. As my daughter will occasionally say to me: “rude.” Hopefully you will see this email in your inbox moving forward. A week from about now, runners from all over the Seacoast (and beyond) lineup for the running of the 21st Runners Alley/Redhook 5K. This popular race traditionally sells out all 1,500 race slots and has become the unofficial start of the race season. Along with the Reds Shoe Barn Race For a Better Community 5 miler, Runners Alley/Redhook 5K are my two favorite early season events. While I have run in both races, “Reds” for sure my favorite of the two races to run. The 5-mile race course has the perfect New England setting and the tradition of the race is second to none. On the other hand, RA/Redhook race became more of a volunteer tradition for both Kathy and me.
Good morning! Grab your coffee and pull up a chair. This week I get back in my Kinvara’s and begin the process of easing my calf muscles back into propulsion. That process has been a challenge for me for a good part of 18 months and a frustrating one. There have been moments where I felt I was good and then another setback. The problem with me is those times I feel great and believe I have finally overcome. That confidence combined with my eagerness to cover greater distance, has led to disappointment. Tomorrow I will start back with a walk-run routine and the challenge will not be my calf muscles, but instead the discipline and patience stay with whatever walk-run plan I devise. I am all about the big picture when I am coaching our runners and I totally understand the science of a process, but when it comes to myself, that is a whole lot harder. Letting my emotions and desire overcome what my brain knows to be right, leads to nothing good. Much like negative splits.
Good morning! Between my caves frustrating the heck out of me and my focus on my final month of the college semester, my running has been nonexistent. One of my closest friends mentioned that I chatted too much about injuries and my calves, so I have been somewhat quiet about the on-going struggle. Pretty much all of you that follow “Coffee & Chat” can empathize with my frustration of “not running.” Once running is in your heart, not running is a horrible thing! I surely am not as fast a runner as I once was, and my desire to take on challenging runs has subsided some, but joy of “just running” is still there. I mentioned to Kathy the other day that when I turned 55 earlier this year, it was like my body started feeling more beat up. I would like to attribute it to the lifestyle of focusing on school work and not the aging process, but I am not so sure.
Good Afternoon! Daily we review our NFLR clients training logs and the details give us great insight into our runner’s lives. For instance, over the past couple of weeks, Patti’s daughter gave her another beautiful grandchild and Josh is now a proud owner of his first home. Both events are really exciting to hear about and give us great insight into runners. There was also some less than great events with our runners over the last couple weeks and this also provides valuable insight. Thankfully, all is good with our runners, and that is a blessing as well as prayers answered. NFLR uses educated and science-based training for training runners, and that alone makes it individualized. However, we also understand that each runner has unique circumstances from day to day and being tuned into them is what makes our coaching truly personal. Patti’s daughter lives a few hours from her and knowing this it helps us to adjust her training plan based on the interruption of this wonderful blessing.
Good morning! There seems to be a new gym opening every week and many of them have some type of unique new approach. Along with the typical gyms, you now have options such as: pure barre, Orange Theory, 9Round, and now a slew of body building competition gyms, and CrossFit gyms continue to thrive. There certainly is no shortage of workout choices. I think it is awesome that there is an increased number of gyms and that there are unique choices that may attract someone to go to one. There certainly is a varied opinion as to which gym is the best for your getting in shape, but the truth is; all of gyms have great value if you get there and if you are guided in a healthy way. Strength and cardiovascular training are not only critical but are a must for us. Without them, our physical structure and wellbeing will digress as we age.
Good morning, grab some coffee and pull up a chair. This morning I did my daily review of our client logs from yesterday and I must say that we know what we are doing! Our log has a 1 to 10 rating for the particular workout and this rating is a personal way to let us know how our runners felt about their workout. In this time of internet training plans, and so called running coaches that are actually doing little if any coaching, NFLR running coaches truly focus on the individual runner and their results from workout to workout. The personal rating system is one component that we utilize, but combined with technical data (results), we are able to personalize training, thus offering the best opportunity for success. The 1 to 10 rating system is certainly subjective to the individual and that is okay with us.
Good morning. This weekend one of my favorite races takes place, “Red’s Shoe Barn Race For a Better Community”. This 5-mile race is the marks the unofficial start to the racing season for the Seacoast. The 5-mile distance is unique yet is kind of a reward for those that logged the mile in through a good part of the winter. No doubt, any of you that ran north of the Mason-Dixon Line, deserve a reward for running through the past few months! This local Dover New Hampshire race also offers a tradition that dates back 1981, which is a handful of years before running gained its current popularity and the explosion of races and race series. For a few years No Finish Line Running used “Reds” to cap off our winter running training groups and it was the perfect local event to say goodbye to winter. Pretty much we spent our Wednesday nights running some or all the “Red’s” course as it is a great loop that offers challenging hills and a great downhill finish.
Good morning! This morning, I am thrilled to share a piece my niece wrote for Coffee & Chat. Erica has researched and found some great information and a resource that has truly changed her life. I hope you find it interesting and helpful. Hey! My name is Erica McIntyre and I have a passion for the body and GUT HEALTH!! So, lean back, take a big sip from that coffee cup and let me tell you the story of how I discovered that elusive thing called GUT HEALTH!! It was February of 2016 and even before I walked into my doctor's office, I was beyond excited to finally get some of my health issues resolved, particularly my toe fungus. As I sat on the exam table, though, my doctor handed me a prescription and said, “Now, head on downstairs and get your blood drawn. We will need to watch your liver function closely while you are on this medication. ” “Oh… ah.. ok,” I replied.
Good morning! I am currently taking two college courses, one being Fitness Facilities Management and the second is Group Fitness Instruction. Both classes are much more challenging than I anticipated. The Facilities class requires 2 fairly extensive projects, one of which I successfully completed and now my attention is on the second. The second project requirement is to design a “dream gym.” This project is not only fun but will also be helpful in that it is one of my future plans. Having already opened a running center, I understand the challenges of owning and operating a fitness facility. This class has certainly educated me a great deal on all facets of facility management and if Lord willing, I open another facility, I feel better equipped to manage a successful center. Our NFLR Running Center in Dover, was a wonderful place for runners (both individuals and groups), but because of my lack of experience, the facility was not utilized enough to support the financial burden.
Good morning! Grab your coffee and pull up a chair. Hard to believe that the running season is upon us, while the northeast has gotten hammered with mid-January like weather! Nevertheless, it is time to get those running shoes dusted off. With spring nearly officially here, that means it is time for the No Finish Line Running spring training group. This year we will be training for the Bow Lake 5K/1K race. This group is led by DeeJ Swallow, is the top running group leader on the Seacoast. Whether you are a beginner or a runner ready to get right at, this training group will work for you. Our group of certified coaches combine their knowledge and experience to provide the best possible experience for any runner. Come on down to Bagel Grounds in Dover tomorrow morning an be a part of something special! For more information go to:
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