Good morning As we usher June out and welcome July in, I must say I am grateful for both. Will July look much different in our world than June? Probably not, but we need to keep moving forward and have faith in better days. Certainly, life for us at NFLF is not as it was post-Covid, but we are returning to why we are in business, which is to help people with their fitness and running goals. As they learn more about Covid-19, one of the best defenses against being adversely effected is good fitness health. The virus appears to stay longer in our fat cells which increases the chance of it not passing without health issues. By no means am I a doctor and do claim to understand this virus, but it is quite apparent that being fit is a valuable deterrent. As I said, NFLF is opened for business, however for now, we will limit our operation to personal training one on one, partner training and working with our runners individually.
Good morning No Finish Line Fitness is blessed to have 2 people who work behind the scenes, who provide expertise and valuable guidance. Our success is built on their knowledge and desire to help people with running and fitness. One is Doug Mackinnon, who uses his skills in the IT world to provide NFLF with a great website and online training tools. Doug also is a great runner and a certified running coach. Aside from all of Doug’s abilities and friendship, Doug is a wonderful Father to his now 1 year old daughter. Happy Father’s Day Doug and thanks for being a part of the team! The second member of the NFLF team is, Jennifer Miller. Jennifer is certified as both a running coach and personal trainer. Her knowledge goes far beyond the requirements of the certifications and gives NFLF an amazing resource. While I am blessed to have 3 children whom I love dearly, I am grateful that Jennifer is a member of the NFLF team.
Good morning. This past week was full of emotion and sadness across the country. This forum is not the place for a discussion on race, violence, or even political views. Coffee & Chat and even NFLF has been and always will be about all people with no regard to race, color, or sexual orientation. I strongly believe what we do well, is we care about our clients without any regard to our unique differences. It is as simple as: love one another. While we cannot change the world, we feel strongly about helping the world. I personally pray for all those whose emotions are running high right now and I hope as a country, we can step back and spread love over hate. Whether I agree with everything or not, is not as important as showing grace and respect. June is now in full gear and with that comes morning humidity and higher daily temperatures. Which one do you least like dealing with? Knowing my Thursday was going to be busy, I decided to get out and run 40 minutes at 6:30 am.
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