Good Day! We have 2 months and 18 days remaining in this decade… I honestly did not realize or comprehend we were coming to the end of the decade until someone mentioned it to me the other day. I suppose the significance is not as exciting as Y2K, but nevertheless, it is kind of cool. At the vary lease, it will be interesting to see how long takes me to write 21 instead 20! This week is going to be an exciting week for yours truly! Wednesday evening at 6:30, No Finish Line Fitness will hold its first open house. Ms. Katie Mackinnon has been spearheading this event and she has been preparing a great couple hour of information, healthy snacks, terrific raffle prizes and free passes for the best fitness training around! We are determined to educate the world about healthy and lasting fitness. Come join us for a wonderful evening! The day after the open house I will check into Portsmouth hospital for a new left hip.
Good morning Yesterday I worked with a great group of folks to manage the Apple Harvest Day 5K. This was our fourth year of managing the race and as always it was a lot of fun! Despite a chilly start to the day, the weather was near perfect for the Dover tradition. I am so grateful for all those who volunteered. Ask any race director what the most important thing is in a successful race and everyone would say: “The volunteers.” With the calendar turned to October, we are full into fall running. Beautiful foliage, many great races, and comfortable temperatures void of humidity for the most part. Despite being on the sidelines (awaiting a new hip), I enjoy seeing runners out enjoying this wonderful time of the year. Speaking of my forthcoming hip replacement, I am already formulating my plan to return to running. I will absolutely be patient with the rehab, but as soon as I am given clearance, I want to begin a walk-run program.
Good morning Grab your coffee and pull up a chair. How blessed have we been here in the Northeast with amazing weather! Mostly sunshine and comfortable temps. I am envious when I see runners out and about taking advantage of near perfect running weather while surrounded by the colors of fall. I look forward to getting back on the road! My week ahead will be focused on final preparation for the Apple Harvest Day 5K. This will be year 4 as the race director of this wonderful fall event. This year presents some new challenges as the race course had to be moved. Race day is always exciting however I have come to enjoy the Friday night bib pickup and registration most of all. I get to chat with many familiar faces, while meeting other runners who come by. Lots of fun! No Finish Line Fitness (NFLF) continues to move in an exciting and unique direction. We have been testing out some new technology and are excited to validate the usefulness of the results.
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