Good Day! I am a bit late today, as I met with one of runners (Chloe), and then got distracted a bit in the Center after. Chloe was kind enough to make the driven here from Concord, which my hip was thankful for. Our meeting was focused on strategy for next Saturday’s Richmond Marathon. We have been working together for a few years now and this partnership has been a wonderful success! Chloe came to NFLR with a desire improve her training and have a better marathon experience. Her previous experiences with marathons and other races, were full of anxiety and misery. Thankfully she bought into our training philosophy and enjoyed both great success and more importantly, a much more enjoyable 26.2 last year in Chicago. After Chicago last year we assessed her race and determined she needed to get functionally stronger. It was not long after we assessed Chloe’s Chicago Marathon, No Finish Line Running, remodeled and became No Finish Line Fitness.
Good morning! The fact that it is November 3rd and I had to change my clock before going to bed, is totally crazy to me! Life moves so fast and each week seems to past in the blink of an eye. I am now more than 2 weeks with my new hip, and all is healing well and getting stronger. Thanks to some exercising, I have improved greatly my hip strength and range of motion. Circling back to how the subject of how life moves so quickly. Most people on the plus side of 50, will unanimously agree, “life moves fast” and often despite our best intentions, we neglect some very important things. For me, my pre-fifties were a blur of chasing my military career, learning to be a running coach, planning for retirement ($$$), trying to hold on to my now adult kids and be a husband. Airports, deployments, group runs, etc.… I look back now and I certainly wish I would have invested and prioritized my time better.
Good morning! This morning is day 3 with my new titanium hip. Thursday morning, I lay on the hospital bed discussing with the anthologist whether I wanted a relaxer before getting the epidural. Being completely honest, of everything they were about to do to me, the only part I feared was a foot-long needle into my lower back. The offer of the relaxer was welcomed! The next thing I can recall, is waking up with a new hip. I will not go into the extraordinary details of hip replacement, but I will say this: While I am grateful for the new technology for hip replacement, I am much more grateful for the wonderful doctors who gave me a new hip. I thanked the lead surgeon, and his response was humble and genuine: “God used my hands to do the procedure.” How humble is that. Now I am on day 3 and I am excited for the opportunities this new hip provides.
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