Good morning How are your 2021 fitness goals going? Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about my slow start to 2021 and she too is battling the same struggles with her motivation. To her credit, she is showing up, whereas I have sputtered out of the gate. This past week I gave myself the excuse that I was recovering from my stomach virus, but in reality, I just gave in to couch workouts. In that same conversation with my friend (Corie), she talked of how she understands her nature enough to know that she needs to do some type of workout everyday and not take breaks, as she will lose her motivation. I am not necessarily of that makeup, but I understand her thinking. My weakness with sticking to my workout plans come when I do not stay with my scheduled time. If I plan out my schedule and then let myself pause and push a strength training or run to later, the chances of me doing it have lessened considerably.
Good morning I am under the weather today but want to post the September half marathon training for the week. Run 1 – 32 minutes @ Conversational Pace or run/walk Run 2 - 32 minutes @ CP or run/walk Run 3 – 39 minutes @ CP or run/walk Have a great week! God Bless Mike
Good morning and Happy New Year! I am winding down my time off and ready to take on the New Year. While the world is still in an upside down state, we (NFLF) are focused on an amazing 2021! We are coming off a great finish to 2020 with our Holiday Challenge and now we are focused on helping even more people. Twenty-two people took on the NFLF Holiday Challenge and while some fell a bit short of the goal, the overall success was fantastic! While it was not a contest, it was fun to push each other some. Everyone loved the custom sweatshirts we gave out for November and I am eager to get out the cool mugs (waiting on the company), we will give out for the December’s efforts. Beyond using The Challenge for fitness encouragement, I am excited to have been able to donate $600.00 to My Friends Place homeless shelter in Dover. One of our tenants is to give back to our community and thanks to our Challenge participants, we can help an organization that provides shelter for those in need.
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