Good morning! Winter is not officially here, but winter has hit from Pinehurst North Carolina too Dover New Hampshire. In fact, many states that hardly ever experience snow, are getting to see their Christmas decorations surrounded by it. Here in Pinehurst, we had a mix of rain and snow, but only have a glaze of frost to show for it today. While I have not talked with my friends in Dover yet, I see on some webcams that much of the Seacoast is white. Winter running officially begins! Yesterday around 4pm it was raining/snowing/sleeting here, and I decided that it was as good as time as any to get my long run in. Motivated by having had my best week of both running and strength training, I dawned pretty much the same running attire that I would often wear when running the streets of Dover in the winter; a long sleeve shirt and a quarter zip, shorts, gloves and a watchman’s cap.
Good morning! With only 22 shopping days left till Christmas, we are clearly headed toward the official start to winter! Yesterday, DeeJ posted a great group picture from the NFLR “Winter Pacers” and it was clear to see that this large group is enjoying winter running so far. No doubt the temperature was chilling when they all congregated at 8:30, but between the heat generated by the run and the warmth of the group, they all looked comfortably happy! This group is the perfect opportunity for enjoying winter running and because they are not training for a particular event, anyone can join in at any time. Getting out in the winter is challenging mentally, so having a running group such as the “NFLR Winter Pacers,” is not only motivating, but also offers some encouraging accountability. To the south about nearly 900 miles, Kathy and I do not have nearly the same weather challenges and in fact, we are able to enjoy some wonderful running weather.
Good morning! Coffee & Chat has always been an opportunity to sip coffee and chat about all things running and a bit about life. It is meant to be a chance to be real about the challenges that we runners experience day to day and year to year. If you have joined in and followed my chat, you have heard of my difficulties, both physically and mentally. Too many times over the past couple of years I have bemoaned my struggles with my caves and no doubt, you are tired of hearing about them. My calves continue to be a challenge; however, I feel like both my running and strength training have suffered because of my mental failings. As we head to the final month of 2017, I have easily run the fewest total miles in a year since I became a runner. On average I have been running between 18 and 30 miles a week since 2008, and I do not want to admit what that average looks like.
Good morning! Fill your coffee mug up and pull up a chair. I absolutely love this time of year and these holidays that are now upon us. For me, the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas are really special in that I enjoy the time of warmth and love of being with someone I love so dearly. Tomorrow, is special, because it is an opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for all the blessings that I have in abundance. But the day before has always been a special time for me. I hope that today you can relax some and enjoy some special time with someone special. For me, the holiday season begins a period of enjoying some indulgence, but also some increased discipline in my workouts. I will hopefully enjoy some great food and deserts, but I also plan to work hard at my training. I am not necessarily hoping to counter the sweets with my workouts, but it will certainly help my body to feel better about the indulgence.
Good morning, This past week was truly crazy, I left (drove) North Carolina early Tuesday morning, spent four days in New Hampshire, and then departed Dover (NH) early Friday morning returning to Pinehurst (NC), and capped it off yesterday morning by running the Pinehurst Turkey Trot 5K. Not often do I feel the nearly 55 years of age that I am, but Friday night when I got out of my Highlander, I felt every bit of my age and maybe then some! When Kathy’s alarm went off Saturday morning, had she rolled over and said that she was not up to running the 5K, I probably would have put up little resistance and gone back to sleep. However, Kathy did not suggest staying in bed, so we climbed out of bed and thankfully it was early enough to drink a good amount of coffee and water, and just as important, to stretch a body that was beat up considerably from driving over 2000 miles in 4 days.
Good morning! Winter has not officially kicked in yet, but the temperatures have certainly let us know that it is knocking at the door. Even here in North Carolina, we had to dawn a few more layers yesterday before setting out for our run. For me, that meant I got to wear my newest NFLR quarter zip, which was really awesome. Kathy had on the original NFLR quarter zip, and also wore a headband and gloves. No doubt back in Dover the Winter Pacers were all bundled in NFLR apparel, along with winter weather clothing. Looking at the 10-day forecast, it appears that her in North Carolina and to the north in New Hampshire, will enjoy some perfect running weather. What is the optimal running temperature? Based on the normal raise in body temperature as we progress in a run, the optimal running temperature is 42°. While that seems fairly cold to many, and it may be initially, our body temperature goes up 20° fairly quickly and that math puts us at 62°.
Good morning! Hope everyone got up like me at 2am and turned back their clocks, otherwise you will be at church an hour early. Not a fan of losing daylight earlier at the end of the day. For us runners, it means getting those headlamps and reflective vest out. This past Tuesday I passed the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer certification test. I started the course back in January and I feel like I may have taken longer than any other first-time tester to get prepared. After 151 questions and nearly 3 hours of testing, I was drained and doubtful that my score would make the necessary cut, but thankfully, I passed. ACE is one of the leading personal training entities in the business, and I am proud to join my wife Kathleen, as a certified personal trainer. I have long studied functional strength training and have espoused the importance of the importance it to those runners that come to NFLR for help with their running.
Good morning! A few weeks ago, I chatted about the 5K race I enjoyed and not because of a fairly good finish, or that I placed 2nd in my age bracket. But, my enjoyment stemmed from running a fun trail race AND it was an indication that I had fully recovered from a tear in my right calf muscle. Fast forward about 2 weeks and I was out enjoying an easy 60-minute run and at the 25-minute mark a sharp pain shot through my left calf. Ugh! I wanted to cry as I walked the back to the house. If you follow me enough, you are probably sick of hearing about the constant struggles I have with calf injuries and would you might even suggest that I take up another sport. I can honestly say, the thought of giving up running has not once crossed my mind, so that is not an option. Instead, the better option is to follow my son in-law, physical therapist Aaron Miller’s instruction more consistently.
Good morning! With this being the last weekend in October, it is bittersweet for me. While November brings my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving), October may be my favorite month. Wonderful fall weather, country fairs, apples season and great running weather. So, while I look forward to sitting down over a plate of turkey and enjoying pumpkin pie, I will miss the joys of October. Today up in North Conway, the White Mountain Milers Half Marathon and Relay is taken place and NFLR has a large group up there to cap off their training. By far, this is my favorite training group that NFLR does and while I know the group is in good hands, I miss not being there. Hopefully next year I can make my schedule work so that I can be there. This is the third year NFLR trains a group for this race and it has become a wonderful tradition.
Good morning, I have been a personal running coach for over 10 years and I have spent much of that time developing a personal coaching business that helps beginner to intermediate runners become stronger and find greater joy in their running. When I started No Finish Line Running, I was the only personal running coach on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, and not long after that, Kathy and I became the only certified running coaches in the area. As running became more popular on the Seacoast and across the country, the coaching business has surely changed since those early years. In the time since we begin coaching, the lure of coaching increased because of the increased volume of runners and with volume came greater financial opportunity. Even personal trainers saw the numbers of people in the running community and added running to their services. With apps and online programs available, it has become easy to offer coaching services.
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