Good Day! I am a bit late this morning as I decided to venture out to a different church that is a bit further away and that required me getting up and out the door earlier. So, you can enjoy a late morning or early afternoon cup of coffee with me instead! I have been busy with running and fitness stuff and enjoying every bit of it! So many great people coming to NFLF for reasons I truly appreciate. I do not have problem with the desire to body build, but I find much more enjoyment helping people with improved running and functional fitness. Two clients this week talked of how they can accomplish things they have not be able to in years and another client told me she received two compliments on her improved body composition. For me, those are the best things to hear! Using the knowledge, I have been fortunate to receive from others, and helping people make positive changes in their lives, is such a cool and rewarding thing.
Good morning Two weeks ago, I had my best week of working out and running and this past week I followed it up with one of my worst weeks! Which week should I feel better about?? Yesterday all my kids, their significant others and my 3 grandchildren all were in the same place, at the same time, talking, laughing and enjoying their love of family. I was blessed to play host, proud father and grandfather. While the sun and humidity had us all quite sweaty, I am pretty sure no one will remember that.Instead, the memories of babies being babies, loving conversation, talking about everyone’s favorite dog (Roy) and the blessings of being together, will all go back with each of them to Colorado, Philadelphia and Concord. I am really blessed to have 3 children who love each other, and each bring much love to our family. While social media is not exactly my favorite aspect of our world, I believe our kids have found some positive benefits through sharing each other’s worlds while miles apart.
Good morning My goodness, today we say goodbye to June! Crazy… Speaking of crazy. Things are getting crazy busy at NFLF! This week alone multiple reached out for help with their fitness or running and in two cases, both. We are investing in an online scheduling program which will help us manage our schedule, offer online signup for sessions and allow for people to know our availability. Most definitely some days/times are getting more difficult to offer than others, but we will always do our best to work with people’s schedules. Adding another trainer is going to have to be in the future for sure. This past week my daughter Jennifer came over from Concord to workout and brought my granddaughter Eloise with her. While it was challenging to work with Jen while keeping an eye on the ever-active Ellie, it was a lot of fun. Truly a blessing to have times like those.
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