Good morning…. How is your Christmas shopping going? I hope the answer is not: “Amazon has it totally under control.” No judgement on my part, as I very much use Amazon, but I do try to actually go out and buy gifts locally as well. As I have mentioned previously, for me, Christmas is far less about the gifts purchased, but more so about the greatest “Gift” of all. Do not think for a second, I do not enjoy unwrapping a Christmas present or opening a card, because both are very special. Like most, it started from child Mike and has continues with big child Mike. The only difference with big child Mike is, most any gift brings joy to me. As a child I remember throwing aside the socks I unwrapped, but big child Mike, would feel blessed for such a gift. Speaking of gifts, if you are looking to give the gift of fitness or running, we are offering discounted gift certificates.
Good morning and Happy December! With winter temperatures and pending snow, do not be surprised if you stop in the NFLF Center and find a sign “Closed for the Winter. See you in June!” Nice thought, but we will be open for business (except when it snows). How timely, I just now received a text from my little sister in Florida. She screened shot the New Hampshire forecast and her local Florida forecast. She is no longer my favorite sister! Okay, I am done whining. Hopefully by January my new hip will allow me to begin running and do other activities which help to make the most of winter. For sure I want to get on my X-Country skis and possibly give downhill skiing a go. Skiing (X-Country and downhill) certainly requires hip strength and mobility, so it will be an interesting challenge. Since I am all about challenges, I am eager to take them on! Another reason I am looking forward to more challenging activities, is because of MyZone.
Good morning! As we move into the final week of November, the craziness of the holiday season is ready to kick in. I love these next 30 days or so. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday, with Christmas a close second. I do not get caught up in the stress and commercialism, but instead I enjoy the family gathering for Thanksgiving, and then turning my attention to Christmas lights, music and celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus. Gifts are nice, but the least of my joy. I understand the holidays can bring stress for many and even sadness for others. Even for me there is a tinge of sadness, as this will be my first Thanksgiving without my mother. I certainly will miss her as she especially enjoyed Christmas for many of the same reasons I do. I am thankful she is in a better place, so that helps. One way I am able to enjoy this time of year, is by getting my workouts in.
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