Good morning Skipped last Sunday’s Coffee & Chat off as I was away honoring a special person. Crazy to believe we are on the back half of May already. The weather certainly does not think so! A little less rain would be appreciated. This past week I did a small group exercise class at the Center for a group of 4 ladies. This session was one of the things I envisioned since opening the Center. A group of friends getting together for a small group workout specifically designed for them. If you have a few friends, family members or coworkers who want to work out together, NFLF will put a small group exercise together for you. It is a great way to workout and doing it in a comfortable environment. (For more information go to: Despite my running not being at its best, I was convinced to sign up for the Pineland Farms Trail Festival 10K trail race in Gloucester Maine. For sure a 10K is my max distance right now, and even that distance will be challenging.
Good morning This past week was not as I would have liked as far as putting mileage on my running shoes. Thankfully, I did kick my butt at the Center with a couple high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. The imbalance was definitely not intentional, nor did I choose to prioritize strength training over running. The week was miserable weather wise and I just couldn’t motivate myself to run in cold, windy, rainy conditions. Favoring strength training over running this past week was not necessarily a bad thing, but balance is still my goal. The prevailing findings as to which is more important (resistance or cardiovascular) continue to be somewhat unclear. I have read several studies and opinions on this subject, and I have determined the answer to be: “It depends.” We have 650 muscles in the body and their importance are significant to our stability, body composition, mobility and cardio vascular health.
Good morning! Despite the fall like chill outside, it is a beautiful morning. In fact, it is a wonderful day! You ask, “why is it a “wonderful” day? “Because it is today.” (Winnie the Pooh) If you want to smile, watch the movie “Christopher Robin”. Very enjoyable and some nice “Pooh” wisdom. The past week was challenging, but life is always going to present challenges. I have learned (often the hard way), it is how I deal with those challenges that ultimately define and grow me. At times in my life I have chosen poorly in the face of a challenge and it has cost me, but thankfully, I have come to understand the importance of my faith in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. Today is a wonderful day. Over the past 15 years I went from tipping the scale at number reflecting poor health and wellness, to a number which reflects better choices and much more discipline. My improved body composition was a nice boost to my self-confidence, but the meaningful benefits were far more reaching.
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