Amazing March and Why Diets Work Against Us

Good morning

Early in March I expressed my plan to embrace a month I have traditionally disliked tremendously. Here we are in final weekend of March and I am happy to report, March has been a great month! Attitude certainly played an important role, but our NFLF Spring Team Challenge really made March fun! Right from the beginning it appeared Team Davis would be in for a battle, and that lit a fire under me, leading to challenging and fun month.

It is kind of funny how we have come up with these Challenges to help motivate people to stay focused on their fitness and it turns out that the Challenge helped me to enjoy a month I typically wish away. Right from the start of this Challenge it was clear that it would be fun and even a bit of jovial competitiveness. I enjoy both, so it has sparked me!

Meanwhile out the Wounded Warrior Challenge continues…

While the NFLF Spring Challenge is just about at its midpoint, a group of family members are raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project, through a challenge NFLF put together for them. A favorite NFLF client, Jerry Hollister asked us to come up with a fitness challenge that his and his husband’s family members could raise some $$$ while incorporating a varied fitness opportunity. Thanks to our brilliant IT guy, DMac and MyZone, we were able to create a group training opportunity which will benefit a great cause. Though this Challenge is not a competition, it seems to have brought out fun camaraderie amongst the family members.

Not in the same zip code…

Both Challenges have a couple awesome components which add to the fun. The first being location does not matter. In both Challenges participants span from California to Maine with many other states in between. This also lends itself to a second cool benefit. A lot of the participants do not know each other, yet we are building a friendship’s through using the MyZone comments and group chat. Along with encouraging each other, we are exchanging some friendly banter as well. Both have been great to see and are exactly what we were hoping to develop. Fitness meets fun, and in the case of the Wounded Warrior Challenge, it is also benefiting a wonderful cause!

Changing subjects…

I have never been a proponent of diets and last week a study came to me which further supports why diets are not the best way to address weight loss. This study compares the effects on mitochondria (powerhouse of our cells) when dieting versus weight loss surgery, but the important takeaway for me is the affects of dieting. Mitochondria plays a critical role in weigh management and exercise is the best way of increasing the numbers of mitochondria in our bodies. That alone highlights the importance of exercise, but this study found that diets actually reduce the mitochondria in our fat cells which ultimately works against weight loss and management. A healthy, sustainable and balanced diet along with exercise, are a better strategy in my opinion. Check out the study.

I hope your March was as awesome as mine and I hope your April will be even better!

God Bless!