Big News & Amazing Blessing!

Good Afternoon!

This morning got away from me a bit and before I knew it, I had to get out the door to church! I enjoy Coffee & Chat, but my priorities always start with my faith! So today will be an afternoon version of Coffee & Chat.

We have some really, really exciting news! Over the past weeks a blessing fell into my lap. Let me back up a bit.

In the early summer I returned to New Hampshire for various personal reasons. After settling in I was fortunate to find part-time employment at the YMCA’s of Manchester and Portsmouth. My desire to work at the Y was more about having the opportunity to work as a personal trainer and continue gaining greater experience in that area of fitness. All along, we have discussed opening another running center if the right opportunity presented itself. When we had the Center previously, we focused primarily on the running, as NFLR’s focus was only running. With continued education and certification, we felt strongly that if we found the right location, we would re-open a facility that would house our running operations (gait analysis and individual coaching) AND add a strength training element through personal training and group fitness classes.

As I said a few weeks ago, an opportunity fell in my lap. After a few texts, I discovered that the same spot we previously housed our running center was now available for lease. It did not take long for the owner and I to come to an agreement and NFLR was back at the Dover Point Office Park location.

Quickly the NFLR leadership team came together and planned out what we wanted this Center to look like. As we had be envisioning, we determined that the new Center would be called: “No Finish Line Running & Fitness.” While we will remain New Hampshire’s number one resource for personal running coaches and the only certified gait analysis, we would add strength training and small group fitness. Our vision has always been to develop a complete health and wellness facility and now is the time!

“No Finish Line Running & Fitness” will have the best functional equipment that will allow us to provide personal training to runners and non-runners alike. From free weights to a multi-use tower system and many tools in between, will be available for all interested in improving their fitness, body composition, and overall health in low stress setting. We are excited at the opportunities that we will have to help our runners and anyone that is looking to get stronger, lose some weight, or just improve their overall fitness.

NFLR Fitness is just another step in a vision that our leadership has, and we are extremely excited to be back in Dover! In December we will open our doors and for the month there will be great opportunities to try out our services for free. Be checking out Facebook for your chance to get a deal you cannot pass up! We will have an open house in January, so be watching for that.

I am really excited and am truly grateful for this wonderful blessing! I hope to see all of you visit us in December!

This week is one of my favorite weeks, as we move toward Thanksgiving toward the end of it. I hope you get to enjoy lots of family time! If we do not chat again, I want to wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings! God Bless!