Changes, Opportunities and Resolutions

Good morning!

With less than 24 hours remaining in 2021, I am back sipping coffee and chatting once again. 2021 has brought much change to me personally and professionally. The year started out with anticipation of another cold snowy New Hampshire winter and is ending with great anticipation of enjoying running in shorts throughout the winter. What a difference 12 months make!

Back it up a bit…

Back in October of 2020, I purchased a wonderful condo in Pawleys Island South Carolina. My intentions were to eventually leave the cold behind, for the opportunity to live near a beach, golf course and a warmer winter. Little did I realize; God had a plan for me to take up fulltime residence in Pawleys Island before the ball dropped in 2021.


With change comes opportunity and we are excited about what is next for No Finish Line Fitness. While we are not ruling out another fitness facility, we have chosen to focus on helping people with their health and fitness using different forms of technology, while also creating a social experience. For sure there many online fitness options for people, but our intentions are to continue providing our unique personalized coaching for runners and functional personal training. Thanks to Doug Mackinnon’s technological talents and coach Jen Millers grasp of motivation and the social aspect, we can provide effective and fun training not limited by proximity.

Currently we have several running and personal training clients who are receiving great training, and each would tell you, the accountability, motivation, and personalized approach we provide is ensuring their success. It has been an awesome opportunity to develop unique tools and platforms which really help people improve their fitness and running.

2022 Resolutions

An end of year chat would not be complete without talking resolutions and I am eager to get rolling! Here are a few of my goals for 2022:

  • Fit in my clothes better.
  • Run a half marathon.
  • Love thy neighbor better

I added some muscle this year, but I also added some no muscle weight. Not the best diet at times and too little discipline.

I spent 2021 figuring out my body post hip replacement and I now understand the work required to run. Foam rolling, band work and glute strengthening are all essential for my success as well as success with my first goal (lose weight).

Simply put I can be better.

Your 2022 ...

Science continues to prove that a fit body matters in every aspect of our lives. We hope you make fitness a goal in 2022. If we can help, please reach out to us, we have many great coaches and tools to ensure your fitness success.

Coffee & Chat 2022

After years of chatting regularly each Sunday, I fell off considerably in 2021. In 2022 I plan on chatting every Friday, so plan on grabbing your coffee and joining me. We have a place for comments on the bottom of the page and I welcome all thoughts.

I hope you have a great New Year, one full of blessings and success.

God Bless