Goodbye January and HELLO super Feb!

Good morning

I was extremely happy to say goodbye to January! While it was a great month on many levels, I want to keep winter rolling along.

Yesterday I did another Vlog ( and I briefly touched on my fitness goal for January. Thanks to MyZone I had a tangible number I was aiming for and that was 2,000. To be more specific, my goal was to earn 2,000 MyZone Effort Points (MEPs). The terminology is somewhat self-explanatory, but essentially the more effort I expended working out, resulted in my earning MEP’s. On Friday, the final day of January, Doug and I worked out and we worked out hard! My efforts resulted in my earning 120 MEP’s, bringing my total MEP’s for January to… 1980 MEP’s.

I may have been a bit disappointed but coming within 20 points only motivates me to work even harder in February! With February being a short month and me spending the first 4 days away, I know I will have some work to do. MEP’s mean something and make the challenge real. I am up for the challenge! MyZone has some technology bumps, but it may be the best piece of technology to come to fitness in some time.


After much (much) discussion and planning, we are excited to announce specifics for our upcoming small group fitness class. On Tuesday February 18th at 5:30, we will begin our 8-week small group training. This unique class will offer a workout comprised of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and circuit training AND informational sessions on goal setting, creating habits, nutrition and injury prevention. We want to not only provide a great workout, but also tangible tools for sustaining lasting fitness. More information and registration are at Another important piece of the class is the size. We will be capping it at class at 8 participants.

While our space may not accommodate a large number, our reason for keeping participation at 8 is solely because we want a number which ensures every participant receives maximum value. Large classes most often leave each participant to their own to determine effort and proper form. This has always been a sore point with me for two reasons. Proper exercise form is critical for both the effectiveness and safety of the movement. In large group classes, we often sacrifice focus on form (unknowingly) for many reasons, and while we may sweat and feel pumped, we are one not maximizing our workout, or more serious, we are putting our bodies in high risk for injury (immediately or in-time). I strongly believe for classes which focus on intensity and resistance, there must be a ratio of 1 instructor for every 8 participants. No doubt that statement would piss many business models (numbers equal $$) off, but I do not care.

So, if you are interested in a small group fitness class which will be help you get fit and offer you meaningful tools, you should jump on this opportunity before it fills up!

Tomorrow I am traveling to Denver for a visit with my daughter and grandchildren. Today in Denver the temps are in the high 60’s and tomorrow they will be in the teens with a possibility of 6 to 10 inches of snow! Great. It will be fun, and I am excited to see everyone.

I hope you have a great week and a super February!

God Bless


Faith over Fear