New & Smarter Training

Good morning!

Now low and behold, it is June!

I am grateful for having been able to close out May (and start June) in a positive place with my fitness goals. My goal has been to get 4 to 5 workouts in per week, and I am on a 2-week streak of getting four workouts in! Yes, four is the low-end of my goal, but I will celebrate the positive and build off it.

My workouts this past week consisted of two high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions and two runs. I am finally overcoming my pride, stubbornness, and plain foolishness, to train myself as I would train an individual in their 50s with limitations (arthritic hips). I have known about the condition of my hip for some time and yet I choose to continue logging many more miles than I should have and accelerating the damage. Running is very much something I would like to enjoy for as long as I can, but to be able to do it, I must be wiser with my distance and aggressiveness. On the other side, if I choose my resistance training based on my body limitations, I should be able to not only continue, but to improve the functionality of my supportive muscles.

One of the blessings of having been trained as both a running coach and personal trainer, is the ability to help individuals of various populations improve their fitness regardless of their various physical limitations. The importance of knowing their physical limitations and as important, not pushing to overcome them, are imperative to long term health and capability. My stubborn self had ignored exactly what I held adamantly with all those I have coached and trained. While I cannot turn back the hands of time, I am adjusting my activities and even embracing the new challenges. Running will play a little less of a role in my life and as soon as I am able to find a good used bike, I am going to add cycling to one of my 4 or 5 workouts.

Running has been a huge part of my life and helps my both physically and mentally. While it was not the cause of my arthritis, it became a factor in the acceleration. Kathy always said that I could help people as a running coach by learning from my mistakes and that is great advice! If I had followed my own coaching, I would have less physical discomfort at this point. While I cannot change what is done, I am excited about coaching myself and look forward to doing it in a way that ensures long-term capability, functioning and wellness. I also look forward to the many challenges I can still take on, but in a more healthy way!

Thanks for having coffee with me. I hope you have a fantastic week!

God Bless!