The Blessing of a New Hip

Good morning!

This morning is day 3 with my new titanium hip.

Thursday morning, I lay on the hospital bed discussing with the anthologist whether I wanted a relaxer before getting the epidural. Being completely honest, of everything they were about to do to me, the only part I feared was a foot-long needle into my lower back. The offer of the relaxer was welcomed!

The next thing I can recall, is waking up with a new hip.

I will not go into the extraordinary details of hip replacement, but I will say this: While I am grateful for the new technology for hip replacement, I am much more grateful for the wonderful doctors who gave me a new hip. I thanked the lead surgeon, and his response was humble and genuine: “God used my hands to do the procedure.” How humble is that.

Now I am on day 3 and I am excited for the opportunities this new hip provides. Already I can walk with minimal assistance and am confident with some physical therapy, I will be moving pain free for the first time in than I can remember.

Have you gotten away from running? Are you wanting to run? I am excited to begin a walk/run training program as soon as my hip is fully recovered. My goal is to begin a December training group which will start with walking, move to walk/running and finally graduate to running a 5K distance. So, if you want to get active this winter, moving along with me as I begin my journey back to running, will be a great opportunity. Right now, my plan is for a weekday evening session and a Saturday morning.

Another great opportunity for helping your health and fitness, will be our November 9th Open House. This Open House will focus on those in the plus-50 population but will provide anyone with helpful information for improved fitness and long-term functionality. We all focus on being financially secure for our ladder years, but we often do not invest in our functional health. Eating right and good genes are both helpful, however our ability to maintain the functional existence we desire, requires investing in our bodies now. Walking is no longer the answer.

I will close out this brief chat, with a big thank you to everyone who passed on their well wishes and encouragement. I am so very grateful for all the love and support. As I said, I am really excited and grateful for the opportunity given to me with this new hip.

One last piece of advice: “Always take the muscle relaxer!”

Have a great week and God Bless!