Valuing Our Time

Good Day and Happy May!

April was not exactly my most successful month as far as my health and fitness. Too many sweets and not enough MEPS (Myzone Effort Points)! My goal for May is no weekday sweets and 3,200 MEPS for the month. Both will be challenging and require discipline on my part, but success will be unsweet. ??

This month we have no official NFLF Myzone Challenges, but we will be offering an Accountability Challenge. An Accountability Challenge is an opportunity to stay motivated by having your MEPS being viewable to who accept the Challenge. If you have a MZ3 with a NFLF FAC, you will receive a request to join. No cost, no prizes, and no pressure. Just away to help with motivation. In the coming months we will be rolling out another Challenge, which will be a lot of fun!

Time truly moves much too fast

Slowing time down does not seem possible, so I believe the best strategy is to make the most of each day. Quality over quantity is part of my strategy and is at the core of No Finish Line Fitness. We want each session with our clients to make a difference in their lives. To accomplish this, every workout is thought out and has a specific goal(s). When we develop training for our clients, we address their goals, but we also educate them on the importance of active daily living skills (ADLs).

Most all of us get single minded, with goals such as weight management, more muscle, and so on… While those goals are great, we also focus on excises which impact physical capability in the present and into the future (physical investment). For the most part each session will include exercises that improve the clients, core, back and glutes. Each of these impacts our posture, quality of movement, and overall, our active daily living skills (ADLs).

Walking is a wonderful exercise, but as we age, incorporating exercises that helps maintain (or improve) our capability in our active daily living is important. As I have chatted about numerous times, aging will erode our capability, but thankfully we can help ourselves by incorporating resistance training into our exercise. Resistance training is something we can do at any age and studies have found that it is the most important exercise we do as we grow older.

Every client is unique and their goals definitely vary, but not one of them argues with the concept of using our precious time together to improve and invest in their active daily living skills.

Each day seems to pass ever so quickly, so being intentional becomes ever so important. Whether it be an extra few minute with your mom or dad or investing in your health and fitness. When I flip the calendar onto another month, I always hope I made the most of the month I just left behind. I hope you making the most out of each day and investing in your future as well.

Make May an awesome one!

God Bless!