Winter Whining

Good morning and Happy December!

With winter temperatures and pending snow, do not be surprised if you stop in the NFLF Center and find a sign “Closed for the Winter. See you in June!” Nice thought, but we will be open for business (except when it snows). How timely, I just now received a text from my little sister in Florida. She screened shot the New Hampshire forecast and her local Florida forecast. She is no longer my favorite sister!

Okay, I am done whining.

Hopefully by January my new hip will allow me to begin running and do other activities which help to make the most of winter. For sure I want to get on my X-Country skis and possibly give downhill skiing a go. Skiing (X-Country and downhill) certainly requires hip strength and mobility, so it will be an interesting challenge. Since I am all about challenges, I am eager to take them on!

Another reason I am looking forward to more challenging activities, is because of MyZone. Yesterday I dragged myself down to the Center and battled through the same workout I did earlier in the week. I was motivated by a couple things; one being my caloric intake over the past week and the other being we now have MyZone fully operational at the NFLF Center.

Now when myself or anyone works out at the Center, we no longer need to monitor the workout on a phone, but instead it will be in full view on our large television. Before you start thinking the idea is to shame people by displaying their effort level, this is definitely not the intent. Instead, depending on the goal of the workout, we will be able to maximize the results by determining the appropriate effort level. Some workouts to maximize the benefits, the color code (heart rate zone), may need to stay in the green, while another workout the max benefit might be to be in yellow as much as possible. Every workout you do, should have some type desired goal, and MyZone allows us to scientifically ensure the success of that goal.

I get that it may sound like we are trying to overthink or take the fun out of working out. However, with MyZone, the feedback is a lot of fun and really motivating. Being able view the actual affects both during and after a workout, is motivating and helpful. Not every workout needs a visual during, but it is sure nice to get that email after!

As I mentioned the workout I did yesterday was pretty much the same as I did earlier in the week. However, the results were substantially different. On Tuesday I earned 174 MEP’s (MyZone Effort Points), while yesterday I earned 149. My initial feeling was disappointment (more is better right?), but as I analyzed it, it makes sense. As I get stronger and better conditioned, the effort it takes should get easier (less MEP’s). More is not always better.

Lord willing, this winter I will be able to do those activities I mentioned, and it will be fun to see what feed back I get from my MZ3 (the MyZone device). Goal setting is a great way to stay positive and even make the best of winter. MyZone offers me some tangible data which help me with my goals. For example, last week I earned just over 300 MEP’s. This week my goal is 400!

Winter and spring are my least favorite seasons here in the Northeast, but I will enjoy them nevertheless. Staying active is always the difference maker for me.

Thanks for having coffee with me. If you are interested in how MyZone can benefit you, please contact me at Have a great week and an even better December!

God Bless