Being Thankful

Good morning

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I spent much of the morning giving thanks for the many, many blessings God has given me despite not deserving them. It is easy for me to acknowledge the blessings of my wife, children, mother and other family, however I do not always give Him thanks for all the amazing friends and people He has brought in my life. I am so blessed to have many wonderful friends who I love for their goodness. Truly I am blessed beyond my ability to acknowledge all of them. This morning I read a devotional that talked about focusing on gratitude whenever we feel like complaining. I do my share of complaining, so I am going to find a way of reminding myself at those times to remind myself of my blessings. If you are in my presence, encourage me when I fail. Thanksgiving may be once a year but giving thanks should be a ceaseless occurrence. Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Along the line of blessings, we are really excited about the opening of the “No Finish Line Fitness” center. Yes, we are somewhat remodeling the branding of “No Finish Line Running,” but we are not losing any of the professional running service focus, however we are adding significant fitness services. Now NFLR will become “NFLF” (that will take some getting used to), and in addition to individual coaching for runners, group training, gait analysis, we will offer personal training, small group fitness classes and informational classes on health & wellness.

Beginning in January we will have a calendar that will show our schedule for small group classes, informational seminars and other great opportunities. You will be able to view this calendar on our Facebook page, at our website and if you want, we can email or even snail mail you a copy each month.

December is nearly open us and if you are looking for a great gift idea, we will be offering a few multi-- service packages at a great discount. Packages such as:

  • One Month of Individual Coaching – One Session Gait Analysis – One Personal Training Session
  • One Month of Individual Coaching – One Personal Training Session
  • Personal Training Package of 4 Sessions

We can also customize any service you want for a gift certificate package.

Warmer weather coming back in a day or so, so hang in there!

Have a great Friday!

God Bless and be Thankful!