Cross-training reduces the risk of injuries and targets your muscles in new ways to help make you the best runner you can be. At our Coaching & Endurance Resource Center, we also offer top-notch instruction in both Endurance Strength Training and Pilates.


Our Pilates classes are taught by Ryan Bailey, a certified Pilates instructor. Pilates is a must for all runners and endurance sports athletes. Pilates offers the following benefits:

  • Improved core muscles that play a critical role when building endurance
  • Greater muscle flexibility and lean muscles that help you become more efficient and therefore, faster
  • Improved muscle conditioning which helps for quicker recovery
  • Breathing patterns and body mechanics used in Pilates improves running form and posture
  • Stretching is a very important aspect of Pilates, which reduces the potential for injuries in endurance sports

Endurance Strength Training

Our Endurance Strength Training classes are available by Kathy Davis, an ACE certified instructor. Her training is unique and specific to individual needs

  • His business is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Timely) and is popular with athletes of all levels
  • He is certified by the NSCA and works with many endurance athletes throughout the Seacoast
  • His Functional Movement Screening (FMS) helps determine injury risk and provides a baseline for improved strength and conditioning.

Beginners Class 101 for Runners

This is a class aimed to those who have never run before. NFLR coaches instruct new runners in proper running form, injury prevention, nutrition, strength training and other important running concepts. These are the important underlying elements to running and we believe should be emphasized when a person first begins to run.