Catching Up

Good morning

Skipped last Sunday’s Coffee & Chat off as I was away honoring a special person.

Crazy to believe we are on the back half of May already. The weather certainly does not think so! A little less rain would be appreciated.

This past week I did a small group exercise class at the Center for a group of 4 ladies. This session was one of the things I envisioned since opening the Center. A group of friends getting together for a small group workout specifically designed for them. If you have a few friends, family members or coworkers who want to work out together, NFLF will put a small group exercise together for you. It is a great way to workout and doing it in a comfortable environment. (For more information go to:

Despite my running not being at its best, I was convinced to sign up for the Pineland Farms Trail Festival 10K trail race in Gloucester Maine. For sure a 10K is my max distance right now, and even that distance will be challenging. I have done some trail running in the past, but this will be my first ever trail race. As someone said, trail races are less about time, so thankfully I will not be worrying about my splits. A new experience for sure, but one I have wanted to do for a long time. Be sure to check back next Sunday for the details…

I did get out yesterday and ran a one-mile loop 6 times. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but I wanted to bring Roy out for a couple miles, and it makes it easier to manage. The loop is in my neighborhood, so I was able to get him a couple miles of exercise and then I continued running in circles! My focus was more on taking the run one mile at a time, so it worked well for my goal.

Based on my run, next Saturday will not be easy! ??

This past week I had a strategy meeting with one of our runners (Chloe), and I must say I was pleased with our continued partnership. I have worked with this runner going on 2 years, and it has been awesome to witness her success, as well as enjoyable to work with her. Chloe’s trusts for my mad-scientist coaching methods has really enabled me to learn better coaching methodology and has helped her to become a stronger runner. When she mentioned how she now relies more on “feel” and less on her electronic device for her running, I almost had tears of joy! Chloe gets the concept of a “running coach’” and this has helped us to systematically develop her running. She will be running a late fall marathon and her disciplined approach to training will serve her well as she progresses. Working with Chloe is pure joy for me as a running coach.

Time to get a moving. Have a great week.

God Bless!