Catching Up With NFLF

Good morning

Grab your coffee and pull up a chair.

How blessed have we been here in the Northeast with amazing weather! Mostly sunshine and comfortable temps. I am envious when I see runners out and about taking advantage of near perfect running weather while surrounded by the colors of fall. I look forward to getting back on the road!

My week ahead will be focused on final preparation for the Apple Harvest Day 5K. This will be year 4 as the race director of this wonderful fall event. This year presents some new challenges as the race course had to be moved. Race day is always exciting however I have come to enjoy the Friday night bib pickup and registration most of all. I get to chat with many familiar faces, while meeting other runners who come by. Lots of fun!

No Finish Line Fitness (NFLF) continues to move in an exciting and unique direction. We have been testing out some new technology and are excited to validate the usefulness of the results. Using science and technology to help train runners as well as our functional fitness strength & mobility training, is one of the foundational cornerstones of our business. So, as we continuously seek out what science is proving to be most effective, we also seek out available technology which will match up with what science is revealing.

Fulfilling our goal of providing the most effective science and technological training comes with challenges. Most other fitness facilities have larger budgets, greater marketing rhetoric and tend to pray on people, appealing to a quick fix mentality. NFLF has been growing and this has allowed us to increase our investment in some great tools, so our challenge then turns to reaching out to the public. One way we plan to do this, is by hosting multiple open houses at the NFLF Fitness Center. This will give us an opportunity to share our meaningful, safe and life changing training. Because we feel strongly about each facet of training, each open house will focus on one important aspect of training.

Our first open house is coming on quickly! October 16th at 6:30, we will invite the public (you) to come join us and learn about “Post-Exercise After-burn”. Science has provided us some great information on the “after” effects of our workouts and understanding them helps us to maximize our workouts. Like anything else, there is some truths and some false misconceptions. Our aim is to help educate and provide opportunity to answer any questions people have on this important subject. Over the coming weeks there will be more information coming, so for now, “save the date.”

Time to get myself in gear and ready for church. Have a wonderful day and week. God Bless!