Fall and NFLF

Good morning!

You may (or may not) have noticed I took nearly a month off from Coffee & Chat. Some due to my travels and some just to take a break. I have been doing Coffee & Chat for around 10 years and that is a long time!

We wrapped up our Plant Based Challenge earlier this month and the results were mixed. For the most part no one expressed results that were staggering. I would say the consensus amongst those I chatted with, was it is a particularly challenging diet because of the required meal prep. Personally, I did not miss most meats, but the diet got annoying as it progressed. Social instances and meal prep were my biggest challenges.

I was disappointed in that I did not feel amazing during the time, but I believe if I stayed with it, it would have certainly made a difference. I just do not feel that I personally want to trade off the potential benefits for the things I enjoy being part of my diet. Not all was for not. I found some helpful habits that I will continue with and I believe they will be positive for me going forward. Better meal prep, increased veggies and limiting animal based choices after 4:00 pm are 3 takeaways for me. I found my stomach was much happier at night when I eliminated animal based foods.

Now own to our next challenge

We are finalizing our Holiday Challenge that will run from November 1st through December 31st. This challenge will not only motivate you but will be fun and allow you to help less fortunate people. Next week we will have all the details and we are quite excited!

While the foliage is not the best ever, this fall has been amazing weather wise. I hope you are getting out and enjoying it! Roy and I found a great trail in Rochester yesterday. Really cool!

Time to get along. Have a great Sunday and hopefully you are amid a long weekend!

God Bless!