Good News Friday

Good morning!

Last Friday’s Coffee & Chat focused on the importance of resistance (strength) training for all ages. One common aspect of aging is our bodies becoming frailer, and now a recent study links being frail to a higher risk of dementia. (

Not exactly the most uplifting news for Friday

Actually, there is good news. For the most part, we have a choice about the state of our functioning (frailty). Remember Wolf’s Law: “That which is stressed will get stronger.” In other words: If we work our muscles and bones, they will strong and not frail.

We have not only the ability to help ourselves function physically longer as we age, but we also have some say on our mental capability. I do not have to tell anyone dementia is a very real and sad health issue facing our older population, as most of us have viewed it firsthand. However, in reading this study we have hope if we act. Being frail is not inevitable and in most cases, can be averted. Lifestyle choices play a large role in our physical and mental health and knowing this empowers us.

We know that family genes can be both beneficial and detrimental to our health, but the further positive news this study found, was improving our functioning (frailty), reduced the cases of dementia in those who had a family history of it.

Good News Friday!

Truly it is good news when we are empowered to help ourselves. Being real, as I move toward 60, the possibility of dementia and Alzheimer’s becomes more and more on my mind. Forgetfulness is not uncommon, and I cannot help but wonder… However, science is clearly finding that exercise gives us the best opportunity to prevent these difficult diseases. Not just walking, but building muscle and strengthening bones, all play a critical role in our functioning and fragility.


One of my goals for 2022 is to run a half marathon (13.1 mile), so I have been chatting with my running pal Doug and we have decided to train and run the Wallace Sands half marathon (May 22). Since we are now located 900 miles apart, our training will be virtual, but I will be there in person to start the race with Doug. I am excited as NFLF client Jerry Hollister has decided to join our training along with NFLF trainer, coach and my daughter Jen Miller. We have come up with a custom training plan and we will begin this coming Monday. This plan will allow for easy build up and can be walk/run. If you want to join us for the training, please email us at for more information. Should be a lot of fun!

I must get out of here as I have a FaceTime with one of our clients. We are having great success helping people online and having fun as well!

Have a great Friday and a super weekend!

God Bless