Here & There Friday

Good morning!

I am one tired dude. Between personal training at 2 different YMCA’s and spending time with NFLR runners, I am tuckered out. My day yesterday started with rolling out of the sack at 0330 (3:30am for non-military folks), at the Manchester Y by 5am, followed by a couple hours of post-race conversation with our most recent marathon finisher (Jennifer Curran), and then on to the airport to pickup a friend to deliver him to his very sick Mom. Long day, but all good!

NFLR is wrapping up our training group for the Seacoast Half Marathon and we are excited for those that will enjoy one of New Hampshire’s most popular half marathons.

With the end of our fall training group, we will roll right into our “Winter Pacers” training group beginning November 17th and running through the winter and finishing up April 13th. The group will meet Wednesday’s from Henry Law (or eventually a to be determined Pub) (6:00pm) and on Saturday morning at Bagel Grounds (8:30am). This has no fee for this and will primarily focus on keeping you on the roads through the winter. For more details and to sign up, go to: Great way to stay motivated!

Great news in ever continuing pathetic saga of coach Davis’s battle to come back from a 2-year battle with his calf. He has now completed four run/walks without any calf issues! I am sure you are as sick of hearing about my calf problems as I am discussing them! However, I have learned a lot about the struggles of set back after set back and not giving into the belief of believing that my aging body should give up. I cannot truthfully say I have not had a few brief thoughts of giving up, but they were brief, and I have kept positive for the most part. I am now more confident than ever that I will be running fully by late December and that is exciting! As I said, I have learned a lot.

Make sure you check out Sunday’s Coffee & Chat, as I will chat about a great new service NFLR is rolling out. I am really excited about being able to help people even more! So, come on back Sunday!

Time to get on out of here. Have a great Friday!

God Bless!