Honored & Blessed

Good morning

No Finish Line Fitness is blessed to have 2 people who work behind the scenes, who provide expertise and valuable guidance. Our success is built on their knowledge and desire to help people with running and fitness.

One is Doug Mackinnon, who uses his skills in the IT world to provide NFLF with a great website and online training tools. Doug also is a great runner and a certified running coach. Aside from all of Doug’s abilities and friendship, Doug is a wonderful Father to his now 1 year old daughter. Happy Father’s Day Doug and thanks for being a part of the team!

The second member of the NFLF team is, Jennifer Miller. Jennifer is certified as both a running coach and personal trainer. Her knowledge goes far beyond the requirements of the certifications and gives NFLF an amazing resource. While I am blessed to have 3 children whom I love dearly, I am grateful that Jennifer is a member of the NFLF team. Her passion for helping people plays a huge role in what NFLF is all about. I may be out front, but Jennifer works equally as hard to help our unique brand succeed.

Jennifer and I have been discussing how challenging times are and how we could offer “real meaningful” help to people. Well Jennifer came up with the following social media marketing and I could not be prouder! Our desire to help people is real and Jennifer nailed it.Check it out:

Mr. Roger's said it best, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

There has been so much HARD in the world lately. We know many people are still out of work or just getting back into the swing of things as the country re-opens. We know that stress is at an all-time high for many due to the current events of the world, but we want to be the helpers. We want to give you an outlet, strength, and community.

We are opening up COMPLETELY FREE, NO STRINGS attached personal training spots, 2 free sessions per week for the entire month of July (limited spots available due to being a small business).

Email us: for more info or to snag your spot.

Let us help you in this small way!

Thank you Jennifer. I could not state it any better.

While today is about honoring (rightfully so) father’s, I must say being a dad to 3 wonderful kids is an honor for me. I am also honored to know many great men who are father’s and I admire all of them. My deepest wishes go out for a happy Father’s Day to all you loving dads!

God Bless