Is Group Fitness Training Effective?

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Now having TRX available to mix in with our other functional resistance equipment, I am able to creatively develop strength training workouts, and this is something I really enjoy. Through out the past few years I continuously evolved a workout plan for runners to the point where I am extremely happy with what I have developed for our runners. Prior to adding personal training to our business model, I often relied on “Coach Google” or a book to find resistance training plans, but it always bothered me how general these training plans were. Much like a successful running plan, I strongly feel it is important to create a resistance training program based on each individual if we want to maximize the success. Each of our clients has unique needs, physical challenges and other differences, which requires their training to be designed for them. There are multiple planes of movement and understanding which ones need more focus (depending on the functionality the individual needs), is important when designing a workout program.

Group fitness classes have become huge over the past few years and in the fitness industry we have come to see the financial opportunities they benefit us. My problem with group fitness classes is how many focuses more on a general purpose workouts. This often results in the individual participant not improving in important aspects of their fitness or even risks injury because of the general approach which focuses on keeping up.

Before you go nuts thinking I am knocking all the group fitness classes people are doing, just hold on a second. There are many great classes, led by talented caring instructors and they help many people. However, if the goal is to help people get aerobically stronger AND improve functional strength, there needs be greater focus on what they are actually doing. Within a given group fitness class, the varied needs of individuals are considerable, as not everyone is at the same place physically. This makes it quite important for the instructor to consider the needs when designing a workout and considering the maximum number he or she can provide valuable guidance to. Unfortunately, can happen is that participants do the best they can to keep up and often sacrifice proper form, which can result in meaningless movement or worse; risk of injury.

While the size of our NFLF Fitness Center might dictate small group training, we are much more comfortable with small group classes which allow us to provide individual guidance. We will create workout classes for 4 to 6 people, with a goal of providing each participant with safe and effective training. We understand the social dynamic which makes group training so appealing, and we believe we can offer both an enjoyable social activity as well as optimal fitness improvement.

One unique idea we have come up with is to offer small group classes to those groups of people who are seeking a fun fitness experience for them and 3 or 4 other friends or family. The idea is, if you have a small group of friends or even family, who would like your own small group training, we can create whatever training you might be looking for and set up a regular training session. This is a great opportunity to motivate your friends and family to get fit together. Contact us at to discuss the details.

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