Labor Day Weekend & Time for our Challenge

Good morning!

Wow, what a beautiful Labor Day weekend!

Yesterday I laced up a pair of new Saucony Kinvara’s and ran/walked for 35 minutes. It was awesome! Next month will mark my hip replacement one year anniversary and while I was back running by month four, I struggled and shut it down. The last two months I have focused on physical therapy exercises and other strengthening in both my hips. I have been doing quite well with my workouts, and have even added a lot of jump roping, but gosh have I missed running! Today my legs are a bit sore, but I am thrilled!

Tomorrow we start our 30 day NFLF Plant Based Diet Challenge. In talking with those who are going to take part in the challenge, they are excited. There is no cost to take part and we will even be giving custom NFLF tumbler to those who participate.

We have set up a Facebook page where if you follow it, you can share your recipes and comments: You can also go to: for more information and hopefully we will have a page on our website for the same information we are going to put up on Facebook.

We will be kicking off the NFLF PBD Challenge this Tuesday night at 7:30 with a Zoom town hall. This town hall will primarily focus on information from Angela who provides meal preparation and planning for vegans. If you are interested in participating, let me know and I will give the Zoom info. It should be a great way to start us off. I will also be providing some baseline exercises and questions people can use to measure the affects.

I have discussed my need to challenge myself and this is the perfect opportunity for me. While my diet has improved over the years, I still think it is not as healthy as it could be. I honestly do not want to go plant based only, but if the 30 days proves to be special, who knows!

We continue to get busier with each passing week. Covid certainly makes things challenging but thankfully our operations size and personal approach, has been optimal for a healthy training environment. What’s really cool, is we a helping wide range of individuals with varying goals. Greater fitness, getting stronger, more functional and improving body composition are some of the goals our clients have. Our unique approach to meaningful fitness has also played a large role in our appeal to those who want to invest in their health and functional capability.

I hope you are having an amazing Labor Day weekend! Thanks for having coffee with me. God Bless and be well!