Make It Meaningful

Good morning!

Despite the fall like chill outside, it is a beautiful morning. In fact, it is a wonderful day! You ask, “why is it a “wonderful” day? “Because it is today.” (Winnie the Pooh) If you want to smile, watch the movie “Christopher Robin”. Very enjoyable and some nice “Pooh” wisdom.

The past week was challenging, but life is always going to present challenges. I have learned (often the hard way), it is how I deal with those challenges that ultimately define and grow me. At times in my life I have chosen poorly in the face of a challenge and it has cost me, but thankfully, I have come to understand the importance of my faith in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. Today is a wonderful day.

Over the past 15 years I went from tipping the scale at number reflecting poor health and wellness, to a number which reflects better choices and much more discipline. My improved body composition was a nice boost to my self-confidence, but the meaningful benefits were far more reaching. Thanks to better diet choices, eliminating all types of soda, exercising routinely and enjoying healthy activities, my overall health has improved considerably.

In no way am I tooting my own horn, or even trying to boast in any way. I am still very much a battler who fails at times in controlling portion size, when to put away the sweets, and even working out as routine as I should. In fact, in the area of my health and wellness, I have a few goals and I have no doubt those goals are going to require getting back up after times of failing.

The attribute I receive from my faith is not necessarily a super power like that of one of the “Avengers,” but none the less serves me well, is my desire not to give up.

Multiple times this past week I had conversations with people about the challenges of working out regularly and also pushing through a hard run or workout session. It is easy to believe sometimes that some people are more able to successfully stay in good shape because their body seems to indicate it. I will tell you; I do not believe this assumption whatsoever. Yes, those people who create good habits may be more successful, but the challenge of a healthy lifestyle is no less challenging.

Me personally, I am in constant state of battling to overcome my sweet tooth and laziness. Thankfully I had a great support system which encouraged me to stay active, so that always helps. Ultimately though, I needed self-efficacy in order to continue to seek out my goals of health and wellness.

Recently (nearly 2-weeks ago), I challenged myself to improve my overall posture and core function. It is nice to be toned muscularly, but in reality, building a strong core and overall functioning body, is more important than looking better in the mirror (Not a bad thing). One of the ways I am measuring the success of my goals, is to do a 90-second plank three times daily. There are many who take on a plank challenge of sorts, but this is not about getting good at doing a plank but using a plank to measure my improved core and overall functional strength. So, as I use my strength training to work on my core and functional strength, I should see improvement and more ease with my planks. If not, I need to address my workout. My goal is to make this daily routine as permanent as possible in hopes it will keep me working on my body functionally.

Health and wellness will never come easy to me, however as in all aspects of my life, I will never quit trying and look to my faith for the strength I need. I can live with the struggle and even embrace it!

I would encourage anyone to take small steps toward your health and wellness and watch make a difference!

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I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better week.

God Bless!