Managing Priorities and Blessings

Good morning

Two weeks ago, I had my best week of working out and running and this past week I followed it up with one of my worst weeks! Which week should I feel better about??

Yesterday all my kids, their significant others and my 3 grandchildren all were in the same place, at the same time, talking, laughing and enjoying their love of family. I was blessed to play host, proud father and grandfather. While the sun and humidity had us all quite sweaty, I am pretty sure no one will remember that.Instead, the memories of babies being babies, loving conversation, talking about everyone’s favorite dog (Roy) and the blessings of being together, will all go back with each of them to Colorado, Philadelphia and Concord.

I am really blessed to have 3 children who love each other, and each bring much love to our family. While social media is not exactly my favorite aspect of our world, I believe our kids have found some positive benefits through sharing each other’s worlds while miles apart. However, for over 4 hours yesterday, they were all at the same address with the sun beating down, laughing, touching and enjoying their love for each other!

A few years ago, I chatted about losing sight of the important priorities for the sake of getting in my “weekly miles” or getting to the basement to workout. Some of the sacrifices I made to maintain a healthy lifestyle were surely worth it, but not all. Extra moments with those we love should always trump weekly mileage totals.

I have learned a great deal about my priorities and where to place my value in life. I am still motivated to workout and help others improve their fitness, but my faith followed by my family comes ahead by a wide margin. I guarantee you my children and grandchildren will not remember me because of my fitness or even other accomplishments, but they will remember our times together.

The week before last I killed it, 3 great strength training sessions and multiple times in my running shoes! The past week, a couple of strength training workouts and only a single run. Which week will I remember and cherish more? I hope you know my response….

This week will not be a makeup week, but it will be another week of unique challenges, opportunities and blessings. I will do my best to balance it all with priorities which matter the most. Regardless of the accomplishments, I hope only to take advantage of what is most important. I hope you do the same!

God Bless and do get a couple workouts in! ??