May Brings...

Good morning!

It is May 10th! Truly the days continue to pass as quickly as an old friend would pass me regularly in a race.

With each passing day, it is curious to me to as to what the next few months hold? Also, what will be the new normal long-term? Like much of our political polarization, we seem to have multiple [strong] opinions on how we should be addressing this challenging time. While I do not like much of the tone on the various sides, I try to respect what people believe. For me, how I view things is less important than showing people they matter.

NFLF has certainly been challenged by the dynamics of COVID-19, however we have continued to be a resource. Some clients have chosen to continue training and we have been able to accommodate them in a safe and responsible manner. Other clients are managing their fitness independently and we have provided some great tools to assist them. We have also been using various social media platforms to offer free workouts. My on camera skills are certainly lacking, but I am trying to have some fun with it and hopefully help a few people. Overall, NFLF is managing to stay afloat and for that I am grateful.

Sign of the times…

A traditional race, the Runners Alley Cisco Brewers Portsmouth Memorial Day 5K has been forced (like all races) to conduct a virtual race. No one will pretend a virtual race is as enjoyable experience as lining up with a thousand others, but there are some benefits. Traditionally I have been on the course as a volunteer and this year I can run! Also, this race is a part of the Seacoast Race series and now no matter where you are, you can participate. A really cool thing is it gives all the new runners I see out there an event they can participate in without the stress of lining up with a thousand others. Lastly (probably most important), this event supports the Krempels Center. “The Krempels Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with brain injury from trauma, tumor or stroke.” (from their website)

I am planning on going out to Pease next Sunday and run the racecourse and would welcome anyone interested to join me. We will be safe and socially responsible while making the best out of the circumstances. Let me know if you are interested. One note: I will not race you! Here is the event link:

Today is a weird day for me. My mother has passed, and I miss her dearly, however I have two daughters who are both mothers, and I appreciate how much it means to them. In fact, NFLF trainer and running coach, Jennifer Miller is past-due in bringing another little girl into the world. Very exciting! Anyhow, I hope all of you mother’s have a very very special Mother’s Day! You all matter so much.

Have a great week and God Bless!