More Than Just Running

Good morning

I have been a certified running coach for over 8 years now and in that time, I have sought out as much education as possible. My goal has always been to become not only a running coach, but an all-round fitness professional. I have been fortunate to study under some amazing teachers, who have helped me bot only become a better running coach, but also a certified personal trainer and educated group fitness instructor. All-together, thanks to my many opportunities, I feel blessed to be a all-round fitness professional.

What does to be a “fitness professional” mean? It means that I can not only help runners become stronger, more efficient and reduce their risk of injuries, but I can help people looking to become more fit, stronger, functionally capable and improve their body composition.

In the past 6 months alone, I have worked as a personal trainer with individuals that had goals such as:

  • Improve their running through stronger muscles and greater mobility
  • Improve strength and mobility to help them prepare for the high school basketball season,
  • Improve daily living functioning (multiple older individuals)
  • Develop muscle to help improve overall body composition
  • Increase muscles in order to reduce risk of running injuries
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Sports specific strength and mobility
  • Body composition
  • Daily functional movement
  • Better overall fitness, health and wellness

While I enjoy being a running coach and absolutely love working with runners, I have always desired to be a complete fitness professional. This goal has led me to get the necessary education and experience that I felt was important in being a professional. Now that I am certified as both a Level II running coach and an ACE personal trainer, I can expand NFLR to a business that offers professional coaching for all level of runners, certified professional gait analysis, and strength and mobility training to runners and anyone seeking better strength and mobility.

Initially I focused on primarily strength training for runners, as I understood how improved strength and mobility benefited running efficiency as well as dramatically reducing the risk of running injuries. I will continue to educate the running world to the value of strength and mobility, as I believe runners for the most part, rather just focus on running.

While I intend to continue advocating intelligent and personal coaching for runners, I am going to add personal training to our services as well. I firmly believe there is a need for personal trainers that care about quality functional training. With more science to support the importance of functional strength and mobility capability, I want to work with runners and even non-runners to help them improve in the following areas:

Runners can become faster and reduce their risk of injury dramatically through strength and mobility training, but the fact is, everyone should be on a program of good hearth health (running, biking, swimming and etc.) AND a regular routine of improved muscle (strength training).

NFLR will continue to be the leaders in the running world, but now we will also provide professional strength & mobility training. Pretty exciting stuff!

Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week!

God Bless!