MyZone Comes To NFLF

Good morning!

My new hip is now a month old, and while my rehab is benefited by my physical conditioning, I have/am still struggling at times. Some days I feel strong and optimistic, other days I struggle, and the optimism is not so great. My nature is to believe I can exceed the normal process timeline, but I am being humbled by the challenges of this recovery process. I am for the most part able to move comfortably but sitting and sleeping are problematic. I have no doubt I will improve in both, but not on my desired timing.

This week like most is busy with NFLF clients, but by weeks end I want to have MyZone fully functioning at the NFLF Center. For those of you who are not familiar with MyZone, it is a heart rate-based training system, which allows us to monitor individual training based on actual real time data. MyZone uses a color-coded heart rate system which can be seen during a workout and evaluated after. Depending on the goal of the assigned workout, knowing the effort of the heart will allow for a more successful outcome.

MyZone has become popular in many fitness facilities, however like everything NFLF does, we will utilize it specific to each individual. When the training goal is to maximize effort, using MyZone data will help in developing a more effective training plan. There are some other facilities who are using it to improve effort in group classes, and while I believe that is helpful, I believe to maximize a workout, the number of participants is important. The smaller the group, the more the training can be specific to the group. Larger groups mean a lower range of those who are actually benefiting. I am really excited about the capability of this technology and believe our clients will find it helpful and fun!

If you are interested in trying out MyZone, reach out to us and we can set you up for free workout with a demo MZ-3.

As we head toward a New Year (crazy I know), we are excited to be developing an 8-week small group training class. In the weeks to come we will provide more information, but I will tell you this much, it will be unique, fun and meaningful! So, stay tuned and leave Tuesday nights at 5:30 free.

Thanks for having coffee with me. I hope you have a wonderful week.

God Bless!