Open For Business and Helping People

Good morning

As we usher June out and welcome July in, I must say I am grateful for both. Will July look much different in our world than June? Probably not, but we need to keep moving forward and have faith in better days.

Certainly, life for us at NFLF is not as it was post-Covid, but we are returning to why we are in business, which is to help people with their fitness and running goals. As they learn more about Covid-19, one of the best defenses against being adversely effected is good fitness health. The virus appears to stay longer in our fat cells which increases the chance of it not passing without health issues. By no means am I a doctor and do claim to understand this virus, but it is quite apparent that being fit is a valuable deterrent.

As I said, NFLF is opened for business, however for now, we will limit our operation to personal training one on one, partner training and working with our runners individually. Even small group training has been found to be a high risk activity because of airborne transmission, so we will keep things to 2 or less individuals at any given time.

What is happening…

We continue to help clients of all types with various fitness and running goals. Yesterday our longest standing client Chloe, came by the Center to learn about MyZone. Chloe has been with us 5 years as a runner and has run multiple marathons. Like most runners, she is struggling for motivation with most races being canceled. Virtual races are nice for supporting events and provide some motivation, but for runners, nothing can replace the excitement of lining up for a race. I do not see Chloe often as her training is primarily online, as she lives in a good distance away. However, we are fortunate to have online training capability for runners and no matter the runner’s location we are able to give personal coaching. Anyhow, I thought this would be a great time to suggest MyZone being a part of her training. Chloe is a “feedback” person, so I felt her training would be benefited by the data and information MyZone provides.

I put her through a strength and mobility workout with her wearing the MZ3 heart rate device and seeing the feedback easily won her over.

After her workout and some education on the value of the MyZone feedback provided, I could tell Chloe was excited to have it as a part of her training going forward. Her gym in Manchester uses MyZone and she was aware of a chain fitness place who utilizes it but liked our plan for effectively using it. I asked her to use it for a couple of months and then provide us with some feedback that we can pass on to others. It is always great to get meaningful feedback, good and bad.

Well, my intent was to chat about other things that are going on at NFLF, but the details of Chloe’s training kind of stretched further than I planned. A couple things I want to mention before I sign-off.

  • We have a couple openings for our “Free July Training” This offer is for new clients and it is a great opportunity to come in twice a week for the month of July and improve your fitness. More information is available at the bottom of our home page.
  • I spent over 4 hours Friday on a webinar for heart rate training provided by MyZone. There is a lot of devices out there to help with your fitness, but my professional opinion is that MyZone provides the best and most helpful tools. We are a MyZone licensed facility, but you can purchase an MZ3 various different ways and utilize it without being a NFLF client. If you do want to better understand its value, feel free to contact me. No sales pitch, just the facts and some free guidance.

That is it for today! It is great to be back helping people. Have a great day and let’s get excited about July!

God Bless