Partnership Brings Great Opportunity to Dover

Good morning!

This past year Suite Pilates in Dover (3rd Street) came under new ownership. Meg and Bob Churchill are now the proprietors of this Dover Pilates studio. Meg may be a familiar name to NFLR historians, as she was an active part of our coaching staff back in the beginning. After having a second child, Meg had to pull away from NFLR and focus on a more important role. However, like most of my coaches, Meg and I stayed in touch and connected for coffee on occasion. Another connection between NFLF and Suite Pilates was Erica Rice, who teaches Pilates there and worked as an instructor for NFLR for a time.

Not long after Meg and Bob took ownership of Suite Pilates, Meg and I got together for coffee and chat. Our chat was somewhat random, running, typical friend stuff and how we might be able to partner up our business. We have always had a wonderful friendship, so it was nice to chat about the challenges of owning a small business and share insights.

This past week Meg and I laid the foundation for our first joint venture and we both are excited! On April 16th No Finish Line Fitness & Suite Pilates will begin a 5K beginner/Intermediate training group. This joint venture will offer beginner and intermediate level runners an opportunity to train for the Goodwin Community Health Father’s Day 5K on Jun 16th. Tuesday nights the group will run from Suite Pilates and Saturday mornings from the No Finish Line Fitness Center.

This training group has been a priority of mine for some time, as I have wanted to reach out to those who need help getting started. Our goal is to help grow the Dover area running community. If you are already a runner, this may benefit a friend or family member, so encourage them to join in!

Another wonderful part of this training group is that we will be offering the inclusion of 2 classes from both Suite Pilates and NFLF as a part of the package. While the goal is to train for a 5K, we also want to promote balanced fitness!

We are a bit behind in getting the information onto our website, but you can email us at: for more information. For now, here is the basic information:

5K Training for beginners & Intermediate

Race: Goodwin Community Health Father’s Day 5K (June 16)

Tuesday 6:30 PM from Suite Pilates (3rd Street, Dover)

Saturday 8:00 AM from NFLF Fitness Center (44 Dover Point Road, Dover)

Cost: $125.00

Much more

Great to welcome April in tomorrow!

God Bless and have a great week!