Post-Run Replenishment

Today I saw many people out running in the plus-90 degree weather. If you were one of them, congratulations, you are a crazy runner!

Quick question:

What did you chug down after you labored through a run dominated by heat and humidity?

I use to enjoy Gatorade, Powerade, or any sweet tasting, electrolyte replenishing drink. However.... Upon some better understanding and knowledge, it is clear that none of the aforementioned sports drinks provide all the nutrients that you just sweat out. Yes, they provide some electrolyte replenishment, but our bodies sweat out a lot of of different nutrients. Sodium and potassium are the big two, but their are many more.

Another problem with sport drinks, is that they all have a high amount of sugar or some type of chemical sweetener. Neither are particularly healthy or really helpful. Your dentist would probably advise you against consuming sports drinks for sure.

If you are thinking you know where this is going and my suggestion for a post-run drink is water, you would be absolutely half right!

Studies have recently found that water with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt provides the greatest amount of nutrients and possibly up to 84 trace minerals.

Himalayan salt and water will never win a taste competition with a sweetened sport drinks, but we would be wise to consider what would provide us the best possible recovery.

So next time you sweat all the valuable nutrients out of your body, do not reach for a sports drink, but instead add some Himalayan salt and maybe some lemon juice to a glass of cold water.