Reasons to be excited for September!

Good morning!

It is a beautiful fall like morning here in New Hampshire. Yesterday’s rain was greatly needed (and welcome), but todays sunny crisp temperature is great!

September 7th No Finish Line Fitness is beginning our thirty day Plant Based Diet challenge. Last week I chatted about my personal goals, and probably went a bit too long detailing why this challenge fits one of those goals. However, I would encourage you to check out Game Changers (Netflix) and like me, it may cause you to pause. Aging is inevitable, but we make choices every day that will determine how aging will affect our mind, body, and spirit.

The NFLF Plant Base Diet Challenge is open to all who want to join in (no participation cost). Our goal is to combine our collective spirts and support each other for this 30 day period. You can get more information on what we are doing at:


Last night I had my second Beyond Burger, which is supposed to be the closest veggie burger comparable to a hamburger. I was not excited after my first one earlier in the week, but last night I sprinkled crush peppercorn seasoning on it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Knowing how much I enjoy hamburgers; it is exciting to know I will have an alternative.

No Finish Line Fitness Turkey Trot

For many runners, the enjoyment of a running event is critical for their motivation. I have witnessed the challenges our runners have faced because of the lack of actual events. Virtual events are not bad options, but they do not have the same power when it comes to getting runners out on tough day, as a live event does.

With Thanksgiving coming ever so fast, it is likely many of the traditional Turkey Trots will either be virtual or canceled. I sincerely hope and pray there will be some positive upturns in the Covid-19 circumstances which may allow some live events, but it is hard to imagine at this point. Because of that pessimism, I have thought about putting together a Thanksgiving morning 5K & 10K run from No Finish Line Fitness, Fitness Center. The concept is new, so the details are few. Obviously, it would be a small group and not a race for sure. For now, think about it and it might be a great way to keep you training this fall. I certainly would appreciate any ideas and feedback (

That is it for today. We are moving into September and I believe it is going to be an amazing month!

God Bless and thanks for having coffee with me!