Relinquishing for the sake of finding joy

Good morning!

A new week begins, with new opportunities, and whatever mountains stand before us.

Solidly into August, we now approach the backside of the summer. Though many warm days yet remain, there will be fewer, while daylight will dissipate ever so slightly with each passing day.

Some will cheer the end of summer, while others will bemoan at the results of moving toward its end…

I have (and still can be) been one of those who bemoans the shorter days and thoughts of another looming New Hampshire winter. Life returned me to New Hampshire and while it may not be where my heart is, I have embraced the wonderful opportunities being here have presented me. Being close enough to watch my granddaughter in her early years and growing the No Finish Line Fitness – Fitness Center are just a couple of the blessings that have been afforded me while being here.

Life’s ups and downs certainly challenge our happiness and often our peace. I often would like to control the narrative, but in reality, my perception of happiness and peace are limited. Instead we set forth a direction believing the destination will result in our ultimate happiness (maybe a race PR). However, if we actually get to that destination, we may not experience the level of joy we had hoped for, or the joy is short lived. Sadly, we might question whether that short-lived joy was worth the effort and cost (sacrifice).

All those great cliches have some value: “Be in the moment’” “Enjoy the ride,” “Make memories,” and etc… I was always one of those who bemoaned the first day of summer, as it meant the days would begin to get shorter. Kind of a senseless thought or emotion for sure. My limited control of things for which really matter is actually not limited, but more non-existent. Each day, no matter how short, cold, hot, or even challenging, is a gift and opportunity.

Yesterday late afternoon, Doug and I went out and ran 3. something miles (depends whose watch you watch you go by). My hip hurt like heck and I doubted I would get beyond a mile! We pulled up a bit before my goal and I limped back as we walked to the house. I felt awesome! Yeah, I guess it could be frustrating that I may not have a lot of miles left on my hip, but instead I was grateful to have just run and to be out there with a great friend. That run capped off a great week of fitness and friendship.

I am still learning, but I better understand where my joy and peace come from. Accomplishments, financial security, status and things I have often sought, have not led me to meaningful peace or happiness. Understanding my happiness and peace will not come externally, has helped me enjoy running distances I once scoffed at, or circumstances of not my choosing. Instead of trying to control my destination I have come to relinquish it and instead seize each moment as a blessing.

Do not take me wrong, I most definitely believe in goals, dreams and even planning. However, I am handicapped by my limited perception and there is much I do not see or do not know. I have accepted and even found joy in understanding my limited capability to control what matters most. Thankfully. ??

I am not bemoaning the shorter days, nor the looming winter. Instead, I am grateful each offers opportunities I do not even know about. I am so grateful for the group of clients we have currently at NFLF. Each one has a unique need and personality for which I enjoy. I never planned to train the types of people who have come to us, but I not only enjoy each of them, I am a better coach and trainer because of them!

Today’s challenges are not always fun or desirable for me, but knowing they stand in front of me for a reason, gives me the encouragement. Kathy got me out on trails whether it be in hiking boots or X-Country skis. While I did not relish the idea, the results were amazing. Embrace the mountain in front of you, smile at the pending idea of snow, and stop trying to control the outcome!

Have a great week and God Bless!