RTB Envy

Good morning!

Friday I was up in North Conway with a friend and it was wonderful to see all the large white vans (and a few black) all about with runners. If you are a runner, you know these vans belonged to those crazy folks who were teaming up to relay from Bretton Woods to Hampton Beach, “Reach the Beach,” or as most refer to it: “RTB.”

There is no doubt I miss the craziness of taking part in RTB. North Conway is my favorite section of the relay, so for sure I was envious. Many of my friends ran this amazing event, but a special shout out to Michael Mercier, who battled physical setbacks to once again pull his share of the miles. I cringed when he texts me his first leg pace (too fast) but cheered when he let me know his leg 3 was complete! Way to go Mr. Mercier, I am proud of you! Way to go everyone!

Reach the Beach was a love/hate for me. Mentally, the weeks preceding always stressed me as a runner. I never felt I was adequately prepared for the rigors of running multiple legs in such a short time frame, while having minimal rest. However, once the vans got rolling, the excitement, team comradery and my inner competitiveness all kicked in and quickly my spirit would be all in! Then around 2 AM when I was tanked, a hug from a fellow teammate (and daughter), would revive my enthusiasm.

The NFLR (Now NFLF) had a run of 5 years of participating, but currently a 2-year absence from RTB. Life and Injuries have been the culprit. However, teammate/daughter, and father both want to reappear at RTB 2020. So it looks like the famous moose hat will be brought out of hibernation.

Next month I will be taking an important step toward my running future, as I will be having my left hip replaced. This has been a long time coming and I am ready for it. No doubt, many would jump to the conclusion that running has caused my hip problems, but I assure you, years of other activities and poor running form were the culprit. Over the past few years my hip has stolen much of my joy of running, so the idea of a new one has me overjoyed! I also know of the challenges ahead of running post hip replacement, but I will be patient and intelligent with the process. Medical opinions vary on activities after hip replacement, but I am ready to get the surgery behind me and begin the process of training for RTB 2020.

On a different subject, I am once again the race director for the 2019 Dover Apple Harvest 5K on October 5th. This wonderful race is one of the best fall races and attracts many families and area runners. This year we are in great need of volunteers. Time is running short and for various reasons volunteers are minimal. I would be tremendously grateful and even offer a free personal training session to anyone willing to come marshal the course. Hope you will consider helping. It really is a lot of fun!

Time to get ready for church. Have a great week and God Bless!