Sunday Brunch

Good morning!

Now that winter has passed, we can… Never mind

Actually, a few of NFLF clients are headed to Florida for vacation and not a one of them took my subtle hint when I said, “when are we leaving?” I guess no one wants their trainer with them on vacation!

This past week was my best one of the decade! LOL. I did our NFLF HIIT Explosion workout twice and walk ran for 30 minutes yesterday. Last week I painted a less than rosy picture of my new hip progress, but I am staying positive and that seems to help me physically and mentally. My 30 minute walk/run was not particularly fast, but it was great! I will give myself a couple days and repeat the same workout.

Ironically, I got a call last night from my older brother (Rick) and he told me he slipped on the ice earlier Saturday morning and broke his left hip (same hip as his little brother). He will be having hip replacement early this week. I told him to make sure he gets the muscle relaxer before the epidural! Rick is an amazing guy with a story that would shame most people for complaining. My prayers and love are with him.

I am excited at the direction No Finish Line Fitness has progressed. While continuing to provide the best coaching for runners, we have created a unique personal training experience for all ages. Combining such tools as MyZone, TRX, CrossFit and high intensity interval training, with individual unique programed workouts, we provide a fun and measurable fitness experience. When we added personal and group fitness training to our business, our goal the same as it was on the running side of the business, to offer science based functional strength and mobility training. As we established this goal, I felt we were like many fitness gyms, in that we trained individuals without definitive improvement markers. There are many ways trainers can lead their clients to believe they are making progress and while I can debate these methods, I can only say, I was not convinced the standard measurements were actually adequate.

Like everything else we have done since back in the NFLR days, we created our own mechanisms using science, data and standardization, to best evaluate client progress. Each of our clients have unique training programs and we can compare strength, mobility and cardiovascular improvement on a regular basis. I am super happy with our progress in this area, as I am always fretting over measuring progress in a quantifiable way. Sure, hearing our clients share great stories about improved functioning and capability trumps all data. However, having a systematic and measurable approach, insures we are giving value to our clients.

Time to wrap it up. Have a great week and keep at those resolutions!

God Bless and remember Faith over Fear