Super Exciting Week Ahead!

Good Day!

We have 2 months and 18 days remaining in this decade…

I honestly did not realize or comprehend we were coming to the end of the decade until someone mentioned it to me the other day. I suppose the significance is not as exciting as Y2K, but nevertheless, it is kind of cool. At the vary lease, it will be interesting to see how long takes me to write 21 instead 20!

This week is going to be an exciting week for yours truly! Wednesday evening at 6:30, No Finish Line Fitness will hold its first open house. Ms. Katie Mackinnon has been spearheading this event and she has been preparing a great couple hour of information, healthy snacks, terrific raffle prizes and free passes for the best fitness training around! We are determined to educate the world about healthy and lasting fitness. Come join us for a wonderful evening!

The day after the open house I will check into Portsmouth hospital for a new left hip. I get how me needing hip replacement may contradict my lifestyle and belief in the importance of running. However, my understanding of what healthy running and training came much too late for me. After many years of abusing my body, I came to understand the importance of proper training, running form and functional strength and mobility training. I admit I was reckless the first 40-plus years of my life and now the results are challenging important aspects of my life. I will not go as far to say the sole reason I am a coach and trainer today is because I want to help others not to follow in my path, but it is certainly one of the reasons. Helping someone train properly to run a marathon, or reduce potential injuries by improving running form, or helping people function better through improved strength and mobility training, are the cornerstone’s of NFLF. I have zero doubt had someone gotten to me in my early years, I would not need a new hip today.

I am not someone who dwells on the past, so this Thursday morning, I am blessed to have the opportunity to receive a new hip and improve my abilities to do the things I enjoy. My doctor has made it clear that my current fitness level makes the likelihood of a great recovery and return to a fully functioning lifestyle. So, while I did not take care of my body early in my life, what I have done in recent years will play an important role post-hip replacement. I am ready and excited!

These two events taking place this week are not mutually exclusive. NFLF is all about the results of how we coach and train individuals. Whether we are working with a runner or someone trying to improve their body composition, we will always focus on the ‘right way’ of coaching and training.

Hope to see some of you on Wednesday!

Have a great week and let’s end the decade strong….

God Bless