Which 50 Percent Will You Be?

Good morning…

We are 5 days into 2020 and I’m still trying to figure out what I would like it to look like for me personally. I was hoping by now my hip would be ready to run, but unfortunately my progress has slowed down. It has not been easy, but I have gotten back to our NFLF HIIT Explosion workout. Some days I have been encouraged but others, I struggle more than I would like. I guess it could be said I may be pushing a bit too soon, and I may be, but there is no clear blueprint to go by.

Gray matter may not be something most know about, but it is an important part of cognitive skills. As we age our grey matter decrease and is replaced with white matter. Yesterday I read a new study which found that cardiovascular exercise was found to improve brain health and decelerate gray matter lose.

Study after study is revealing the importance of exercise yet last week a report came out saying by 2030, half of the United States population will be classified as obese. How the heck can we let this happen? Sadly, most people believe they will not be among the 50 percent who will be obese, yet…

Pondering the grey matter study and the projection of half our population being obese is frustrating. As a country, if we cannot curb the obesity numbers, it is highly unlikely we will exercise enough to stave off a decline in grey matter. Despite having the knowledge and understanding the ramifications. How crazy is it that we better understand the importance of exercise and weight control, yet we are on a path of self-destruction?

I certainly understand fitness and health are not as simple as I would like to make them. Behavioral and sociological factors play a great deal into a high percentage of those who do not exercise and struggle with weight issues. However, we as a country have numerous resources as well as understanding, yet we choose to follow paths which are leading to that horrible 50 percent figure. Alcohol and soda have been proven to be unhealthy as well as big culprits in gaining weight. Yet, the sales of them are enormous. With the Super Bowl around the corner, take note of the number of commercials you will see for both products. It is easy to frame the problem however best suits our views, but in the end, it is still a serious problem.

Not exactly an uplifting Coffee & Chat this morning, I guess I am letting my frustration vent a little. In any event, take control of your future and I will be right there with you trying to do the same.

Have a great new decade, year, and week!

God Bless & Faith over Fear