Why Science?

Good morning!

If you are regular at Coffee & Chat, you know how I place a lot of emphasis on what science and non-biased studies tell us. Daily I receive emails with results from both scientific findings and studies. I often sift through them to determine if they are non-biased and legitimate. I get various emails on subjects such as, health and fitness, diet and weight loss, behavioral science and healthy aging. Most days I do not find any information that I seize on, but on average about twice a week I come across some great new information.

I get how people view studies and science findings. Most of us filter information choosing to accept or what we dismiss as incorrect or not legitimate. Alcohol is a great example. Many studies have contradicted each other over the years about the effects of it on our health. Lately science has leaned toward it having a negative impact on our health. Human nature as it is, if we enjoy alcohol, we disregard the negative information or write it off, saying science in constantly changing. The flip-side would be if we are not a drinker, we are relieved that the we are safe from the results of the findings. Alcohol is only one of many subjects, new discoveries are being found all the time as science has greater capability to break down cells, gut bacteria and other parts of our anatomy.

Why am I boring you with this?

Well, I get that most people are skeptical, or indifferent to the constant changes in science and studies that are constantly coming out. However, as a fitness professional and a running coach, I base my training solely on science and proven studies. Last night I got more serious about my studies on the latest certification (coaching runners) and one of the main emphasis is that all coaching must be science-based. This emphasis is what drew me to taking this course. Eight of ten runners end up injured and of those 8, ninety-percent are injured because of training. Traditional techniques, copying other runners training, extreme techniques, cookie cutter plans and so on, are all culprits of poor training. Whether it be from a Google coach or an actual running coach. Since running has become so popular, science has gotten much more active in determining physiological, biomechanics and other factors which can be proven to affect the outcome of training. Whether it be about injury prevention or best opportunity for success.

This all matters to me, because ultimately whether I am helping a runner or someone get more fit, I want to know my techniques and training are based on something proven by science and not contrived by one individual’s imagination. Not to diss a trainer’s creativity, but I prefer to not risk a client’s training based on the latest magazine or internet article. I believe we owe it to every client to provide proven coaching and personal training.

Wow! I broke some serious rules today! If you actually hung with me through multiple cups of coffee no doubt, I am impressed! I guess I get a little overboard with my passion.

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