You Can't Buy Good Health

Good morning!

The fact that it is November 3rd and I had to change my clock before going to bed, is totally crazy to me! Life moves so fast and each week seems to past in the blink of an eye.

I am now more than 2 weeks with my new hip, and all is healing well and getting stronger. Thanks to some exercising, I have improved greatly my hip strength and range of motion.

Circling back to how the subject of how life moves so quickly. Most people on the plus side of 50, will unanimously agree, “life moves fast” and often despite our best intentions, we neglect some very important things.

For me, my pre-fifties were a blur of chasing my military career, learning to be a running coach, planning for retirement ($$$), trying to hold on to my now adult kids and be a husband. Airports, deployments, group runs, etc.… I look back now and I certainly wish I would have invested and prioritized my time better.

Financially, I did a decent job of preparing for our later years, and it was comforting to know retirement would be financially comfortable. Health wise, was kind of mixed bag. In my 40s I certainly embraced a active lifestyle, which led to weight loss and overall excellent health as far as all those critical measurements they use when you get a physical.


The bad…

While I had off the chart great cholesterol, blood pressure, resting heart rate and any other vital number, my skeletal frame was a different story. Like most runners, my focus was on running and maybe some strength training. Unfortunately, prior years of athletic activities and then embracing running without any real understanding or guidance, eventually led to bursitis, a torn meniscus, arthritis and many of the other injury’s runners experience. The result, hip replacement at age 56.

The good…

While I could not turn back the hands of time to correct the results of poor training (or other not so other good life decisions), I did begin the to learn about the importance of training correctly. Running healthy requires more than putting on the correct shoes. Lifting weights and functional strength are not synonymous.

Initially, I focused on running, where education led me to understand the importance of running form (gait} and proper training (no more internet coaching). Next, I sought out education on health and fitness, and there I learned the importance of strength and mobility. No more randomly following the latest Men’s Health workout.

Today. my goals are centered around using the knowledge I gained to provide myself and those we train, a healthy and active long-term existence. What good is it if we save up financially but are not able to enjoy or even capable to do many activities.

No amount of money will buy good health.

While we cannot control some health issues, we surely can invest in our bodies physically. My hip is doing amazingly well in short time and this is the result of my having done the work in the gym. Having strong bones, and good body composition has made a huge difference! Not bragging, just grateful for having learned the importance of a functional workout.

I certainly have a level of vanity which motivates me for sure, but the better motivation, is my future capabilities. Being able to run and remain active as late into my life as possible, means everything to me. Science continues to provide findings which support the long-term importance of functional strength and mobility training. As important science has proven there is no age too old to make muscular and skeletal improvement. These findings inspire me personally, and as a health and fitness professional. If NFLF can get people to understand the importance of investing in their fitness health, we will make “a real” difference in people’s lives’. It is so encouraging to know it is never to late to improve our quality of movement.

Next Saturday (November 9th), at 9:30 AM, we will be hosting a 50+ Open House. The focus will be on the importance of health and fitness as we are challenged by Father Time. As I said, science has shown it is never too late to improve our muscles and bones, but it is critical that it is done right! Come join us and enjoy a great morning of snacks, prizes and encouragement!

You can sign up here or just show up.

November is one of my most favorite months. Wonderful running weather, Thanksgiving and the start of holiday feeling. I hope you have a wonderful November!

God Bless!